Posted By: artie505 Images in posts... - 03/24/22 08:45 AM
...lack thereof, really. It's not a terribly common occurrence, but it happens annoyingly often, and frequently results in responders wasting their time attempting to diagnose and offer solutions to problems that are either non-existent, or real, but erroneously stated.

Specifically, the problem is posters attempting to describe what they see on their screens, rather than posting screenshots of what's actually there, and thereby diverting troubleshooting efforts in useless directions.

In view of that, I suggest that a "sticky" post be placed at the top of each forum's thread list requesting that posters include screenshots of ANYTHING that could contribute to responders getting a clearer idea of what they're attempting to describe.

And in conjunction with that, I further suggest that Image Tags be activated to facilitate viewing of said screenshots.

Or, in lieu of activating Image Tags, I suggest including instructions for posting images on Imgur in the thread. These are my instructions:
To post a screenshot or other type of image...
  1. Go to https://imgur.com/upload.
  2. Either drag your image into the window, choose (browse for) it, or paste your image or its URL.
  3. Click on Grab Link > Copy Link in the next screen to copy your image's URL to your clipboard.
  4. Create a link using FTM's "Insert Link" tags...5th icon from the right.
Posted By: Ira L Re: Images in posts... - 03/24/22 05:27 PM
Do you have to create an account with imgur.com to upload an image? It's been so long for me I don't recall if I was required to create one, or I just did.
Posted By: artie505 Re: Images in posts... - 03/24/22 05:57 PM
No, you don't need an account.

The only wrinkle is that if you're not logged in you've got to wait through a quick ad after dropping your image. (I guess it's an ad. I've never seen it, even after disabling my content blockers, nor can I figure out why I haven't.)

You do, however, need an account if you want to archive and access your uploads.
Posted By: cyn Re: Images in posts... - 03/27/22 05:05 PM
Back at MFIF I was shown that someone could create and post an image that when viewed would log the viewer out of the forums, and was advised to keep the image tags disabled. I don't have the know-how to test whether UBBT still has that vulnerability, so the image tags remain disabled here also.

I'm considering a sticky.
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