Posted By: MG2009 Reading History - 12/15/20 06:29 PM
Just wondering . . .

Whenever I login to the FORUM page, all the threads show as UNREAD (i.e. red numbers). It used to be that only the new postings since my last visit would be highlighted.

Is there something I need to do in site settings to have only the unread threads highlighted in red?
Posted By: cyn Re: Reading History - 12/18/20 03:49 AM
First thing that comes to mind is delete your FineTunedMac cookies to see if fresh ones solve the problem.

If that doesn't work, maybe don't log out?
Posted By: ryck Re: Reading History - 12/18/20 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by MG2009
Whenever I login to the FORUM page, all the threads show as UNREAD (i.e. red numbers).
I've had that happen periodically....but usually during the midst of a visit. i,e, I've read a thread and perhaps provided a reply. Then, when I go out to the main Forums listing, there they are. In those cases a quick log out - log back in resolved it. That was while I was running Safari 14.0.1, which tended to do other oddball stuff at different sites. I'm now 14.0.2 and it seems to do various things better, so I'l let you know if the red letter issue pops up again.
Posted By: MG2009 Re: Reading History - 12/18/20 11:04 PM
OK. Thanks for the info.
Posted By: joemikeb Re: Reading History - 12/19/20 07:09 PM
If I recall correctly the FTM cookie that keeps track of what posts you have read explores after thirty days. So if you are like many of us that never log out that cookie will expire after thirty days and you have to log back in to reset it. If you actually Log in during the thirty day period the cookie's expiration date is reset. Any thing that deletes/sweeps that cookie has the same effect.

I have also experienced what Ryck described. I often see this happen in one tab, when I have FTM open in two tabs/windows, but the other tab is still okay. The only explanation rationalization I have for these phenomena are there are two sessions using the same cookie and when one session tries to write to the cookie and is blocked by the other session it simply disconnects.
Posted By: MG2009 Re: Reading History - 12/19/20 08:00 PM
Thanks. The "cookie thing" or "multiple tabs" likely are the culprits.

I logged out and closed the windows. Then logged in again using one window (no extra tabs) and only the UNREAD posts were highlighted, as expected.
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