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Spotlight cannot find my BIKE HIKE file #55724 08/15/2020 8:38 PM
by kevs
I have Excel file called BIKE HIKE Hike bike.

I put words twice in file name just for this issue. Still wont come up. The folder it is in, does come up. Stumped, any ideas? (good thing I remembered where this is buried five folders in hard to remember)..thanks

which is precisely why I'd like Spotlight to find it.
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Re: Spotlight cannot find my BIKE HIKE file #55864 Aug 31st a 05:12 PM
by jchuzi
Instead of using Spotlight, in Finder I go to File > Find. By adjusting the criteria, I'm usually able to find something rather quickly.
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Re: Spotlight cannot find my BIKE HIKE file #55865 Aug 31st a 05:32 PM
by joemikeb
Originally Posted by artie505
(Note that at the moment, FAF can't access the data partition of an APFS clone, but the dev is working on a fix.)
For what it is worth, I just tested FAF 2.1.1 and it had no problem finding files on my desktop in Biq Sur (MacOS 11.0 beta) and Macintosh HD (Data) is among the twelve (count 'em — 12) real and temporary volumes FAF sees on the Big Sur boot drive.
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Re: Spotlight cannot find my BIKE HIKE file #55871 Aug 31st a 06:55 PM
by joemikeb
Originally Posted by kevs
Thanks all, ok JOe, I did re- indes and wallah, still does not come up!

I try bike, I try hike, even bike hike which is the name I have this file nothing in spotlight.

And dang Spotlight, I love it , but takes up most CPU and disk in out slows dows system more than anything else and it can't find this simple file still

Spotlight uses far less CPU than any other search utility. Searching by its very nature is CPU intensive and often disk I/O and memory intensive as well. Spotlight reduces the load — more like spreads the load over a longer span of time — because it relies on an index rather than opening and reading each and every file as some utilities do.

Originally Posted by keys
Jon thanks! yes that works! Finder find, if I can remember, more cumbersome and less fun that spotlight but works... BTW, can one turn spotlight off and just use that? AGain, spotlight uses lot resources, slows down computer and works worse than finder find, though do love it's look/ interface

Finder is 100% dependent on Spotlight. Disabling Spotlight would disable Finder searches and a number of other applications and functions in MacOS including Time Machine. One reason Spotlight appears to use a lot of CPU cycles is because it is critical to the operation of many functions in MacOS and applications so it get used a LOT! If you really want to do away with Spotlight, switch to an iPad which has no Finder or Spotlight and searches are limited to in-app only.

Originally Posted by keys
BTW Joe the new like feature forum not work well, it take you separate page and then hit back button get back to thread.

We had to upgrade to this newer version of UBB because the old version relied on an obsolete version of PHP which has significant security issues and was removed from our server.
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