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Mac OS X System
Jump to new posts Re: Catalina download failure by joemikeb @ Yesterday at 04:06 PM

Wise people always have a known good backup or clone before upgrading. I seldom remember to do that so I guess that tells you how much credence to put in my advice. I suggested the Recovery Drive as that would eliminate any problem emanating from you
Jump to new posts Re: changing username by ryck @ Yesterday at 10:39 AM

Originally Posted By: artie505I wonder if it's possible without re-registering? I'd guess that it can't be done within the same registration. I bumped into the name issue when changing from MaxFixit to FineTunedMac. I don't recall all of the specific
Mac OS X System
Jump to new posts Re: Catalina now available by jchuzi @ 10/12/19 04:09 PM

Early adopters beware: Missing message issues plague Mail users in macOS Catalina
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just tested, they don't get overridden, actually they override the section of my favorites, but the stickers I don't want just stay there.
Jump to new posts Re: Maybe 45 needs to end it all with a .45 by joemikeb @ 10/12/19 08:26 AM

If you are an iOS user and follow this thread you might be interested in something just discovered in the iOS App Store the Dump Trump for Messages sticker pack. A collection of his famous — Make that infamous — Facial expressions and gestures yo
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Jump to new posts Re: Update to Profile? by joemikeb @ 10/12/19 08:17 AM

Don’t you hate it when that happens. I am a public beta tester and I have any number of times encountered an error in a beta that after thorough testing and analysis, I report to Apple. Then come in the next morning and cannot replicate the error.
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Jump to new posts Re: iPhone music by joemikeb @ 10/10/19 06:52 AM

I was not as precise as I should have been. When I said, "is that device and your iPhone both signed into your Apple ID?" I should have said "is that device and your iPhone registered to the same Apple ID?" There is an increasingl
Joe, thanks, I think I'd have to fly you in, and pay you top dollar of course, to figure this one out. So I'll probably just live with this one!
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Jump to new posts Re: Anyone recording CODEC audio? by artie505 @ 10/09/19 08:46 AM

I've got no idea what to make of that; if, as it sounds, it's a brand new situation, maybe you ought to "Report a Problem" from CCC's Help menu. Did CCC insert itself into your FDA pane, or did you select it? As I said, I haven't got CCC
Jump to new posts Re: Books to read by deniro @ 10/09/19 05:07 AM

12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. I think everyone on Earth should read it and watch some of the YouTube videos where he is interviewed by the press. I for one would like to see Edward Snowden tried to treason.
Jump to new posts Re: google by artie505 @ 10/08/19 10:58 PM

Originally Posted By: joemikebOriginally Posted By: artie505To my knowledge, the only thing you lose is your doorway to targeted ads. Don't forget the opportunity to use your Google ID and password to log onto other sites so Google can track your on
Mac OS X System
Jump to new posts Re: "Get Info" question by artie505 @ 10/08/19 10:53 PM

My bad for not having posted that link at the outset; I didn't realize that the idea of repairing permissions had faded away into obscurity. Actually, the linked procedure is an updated one: when repairing home folder permissions was introduced, we
Jump to new posts leave no internet tracks by jchuzi @ 10/08/19 05:11 AM

For those of us (and I count myself in that category) who are justifiably paranoid, read 10 Tips to Avoid Leaving Tracks Around the Internet
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Jump to new posts iPhone not connecting with iTunes by artie505 @ 10/08/19 12:52 AM

I believe I posted a (long?) while back that iTunes wasn't recognizing my iPhone, but if I did, I can't locate the post, so I'm posting this. Up until now, the only way I could correct the issue was by resetting the iPhone, but it was a giant PIA,
Mac OS X System
Jump to new posts Re: Trash problem by artie505 @ 10/08/19 12:18 AM

Thanks for the link; that thread may have pointed me in the right direction. Relaunching Finder repeatedly isn't an option, nor am I about to get involved with chmod without knowing precisely what I'm doing, but the talk about permissions inspired m
Jump to new posts Re: Ad astra: another passing. by freelance @ 10/07/19 07:35 AM

I saw Cream in The Fillmore, San Francisco in 1967. There was rioting in the Fillmore District that night and only about 100 of the sell-out crowd turned up. We all got stoned and sat on the floor, I had my head in my girlfriend's lap. The band was m