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Jump to new posts Re: Google...Enough already!!! by freelance @ 51 minutes 53 seconds ago

I've been using DuckDuckGo, too. I don't know how secure its VPN offering is, but it's useful when I want to spoof my address for American sports and television sites. I don't know about no tracking: if I go on Amazon and have a look at some product
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Jump to new posts Re: Deleting and Overwriting by artie505 @ Today at 02:35 PM

Originally Posted By: joemikebUSB and Firewire attached drives do not support S.M.A.R.T..... I intend to try SMART Alec and will report back. Getting back to your post, though, I found Originally Posted By: SMART Alec Disk MonitoringSMART ALEC FOR
Jump to new posts Re: Ad blocking used to work by MG2009 @ Today at 10:20 AM

I had to chuckle a bit reading his thread. People tell me my early 2011, 17" MBPro is a dinosaur using "Sierra."
Jump to new posts Re: External Hard Drive Recommendations by MG2009 @ Today at 10:12 AM

So, tacit, is it correct for me to assume that you would recommend a 3.0 USB SSD if I could find one . . . and forget about either Thunderbolt or Firewire. Any supplier you could recommend? In Canada?
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Jump to new posts Re: Wireless network symbol by joemikeb @ Today at 08:24 AM

Originally Posted By: UrquhartThat sounds plausible. Apparently my phone can then distinguish a ‘personal hotspot’ (internet tethering over wi-fi) from a regular wi-fi router. Which is impressive, unless that nature is broadcast along with the SS
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Jump to new posts Re: The Name of an Alias by Ira L @ Today at 07:56 AM

Originally Posted By: tacitOriginally Posted By: Ira L2. If I change the name of ABC.pdf to XYZ.pdf and keep the alias as "ABC.pdf alias", will it still point to the newly named XYZ.pdf? Yes, if XYZ.pdf lives on a Mac-formatted local disk
Jump to new posts Re: gerphil flores by ryck @ Today at 01:49 AM

Originally Posted By: jaybassFor those of you who appreciate fine music, watch and listen to Gerphil Flores. jaybass Very nice....and I must agree with David Foster's comment about how nice it is to hear "in tune" singing. Off key vocals,
Jump to new posts Re: Javascript error in Firefox at Protonmail by grelber @ Yesterday at 10:50 PM

Originally Posted By: deniroI'm using Firefox 39. I have to, in able to use 1Password. If I go to a newer version of Firefox, I would have to go to a newer version of 1Password. To go to a newer version of 1Password, I would need a newer operating
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Jump to new posts Re: Time Machine Backup anomaly by grelber @ Yesterday at 10:45 PM

Following is the log from one complete backup cycle which has only a single dropped fsevent couplet and might be helpful: 17-11-18 1:19:16.235 Starting standard backup 17-11-18 1:19:16.602 Backing up to: /Volu
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Jump to new posts Re: Time Machine, Boot Camp, File Vault and APFS by joemikeb @ Yesterday at 05:28 PM

Add to that neither Apple RAID or SoftRAID currently support APFS, but SoftRAID 6 is due out soon and will include APFS support.
Jump to new posts Re: Ad astra: another passing. by grelber @ Yesterday at 01:59 PM

It's been almost 2 years since Stuart McLean died, but finally the following announcement from Vinyl Cafe Producer Jess Milton: CBC HOLIDAY SPECIAL As I’ve mentioned before, we recorded our final Vinyl Cafe show in Thunder Bay, Ontario on Novembe
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Jump to new posts Re: FineTunedMac Downtime by artie505 @ Yesterday at 09:50 AM

I think I've been seeing those anomalies in Safari since v 10, and I seem to be the only one here seeing them. (It's not important enough to search for others.) Nor do I ever see anything unusual at ANY website other than FTM. Yeah, I quit trying
Jump to new posts Re: Safari 11 & Content blockers by joemikeb @ 11/16/17 04:35 AM

It may be that AdBlock is still isn't using the Content Blocking API.
Jump to new posts Re: built-in user manual? by joemikeb @ 11/15/17 02:27 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: iPad refuses to recognize mail password by Virtual1 @ 11/14/17 12:54 PM

Originally Posted By: joemikeb In retrospect, I was wrong about the Outbox. If the messages are sitting in the Outbox they have not yet been sent to the SMTP server and therefore were lost. Huh, I would not have expected that. "Outbox" is
Jump to new posts Re: THE CYBER-SECURITY THREAD by grelber @ 11/12/17 11:40 PM

Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the NSA to Its Core • Leaks of the National Security Agency’s cyberweapons have damaged morale, slowed operations and resulted in hacks on businesses and civilians worldwide. • Current and forme
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Jump to new posts Re: Pages Documents Won't Open On iPad by Pendragon @ 11/12/17 02:29 AM

Thanks for tip, WSP, but unfortunately, the recalcitrant files have since been deleted. On the plus side, these files are not badly missed. Still, your suggestion is one I never would have divined, so it is good to know.