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Jump to new posts Are Enforced Upgrades In Our Future by joemikeb @ 7 minutes 19 seconds ago

This Washington Post article on a congressional panel's report on Cyber Security discusses the need for enforced technology upgrades to keep the internet secure. This could spell misery for chronic "Late adopters."
Jump to new posts Re: Brain-eating amoeba by ryck @ Today at 06:15 AM

Originally Posted By: artie505To give you an idea of how scarce outlet space is around here, to get my stereo (which is turned on 24/7/365) on to a (presumably) grounded line I'd have to move it to one that's already got my air conditioner, space hea
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Jump to new posts Re: Apple Watch Does Not Respond to Wrist Raise by MacManiac @ Yesterday at 08:14 PM

Glad to hear it.....the only glitch I experienced with the new Watch OS 5.1.2 update (and the associated iOS update to 12.1.1) was my AirPods going flaky and losing sync between the iPhone X and the new Series 4 Apple Watch. Forgetting the AirPods o
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Jump to new posts Re: 10.13.6 on Mac mini internal SSD fails show this … by artie505 @ Yesterday at 08:35 AM

Hi, and welcome to FineTunedMac. Sorry, but your "link" doesn't seem to point to what you think it does. (The "Image" tags don't work, so you've got to use the "Create a link to a webpage" tags.) But even using them I
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Jump to new posts Re: Notes: How to do an undo. by kevs @ 12/08/18 07:42 AM

Thanks U, I had that setting off as it drove me crazy in the paste. Turned it back on. Now, I notice, -- what this there before?.. That before just undoing something, the iphone ask if you want the undo? Which is good.
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Jump to new posts Re: List of Apps Having Problems in Mojave by jchuzi @ 12/08/18 04:26 AM

Thanks for that link, Joe. It was very helpful.
Jump to new posts Re: ATT's gift to me by joemikeb @ 12/07/18 11:53 AM

Originally Posted By: deniroYesterday on my iMac, the wired connection, I got over 120 MBps at So what changed? Curious readers want to know. Originally Posted By: deniroThe other thing about this laptop, which I like, is that it has f
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Jump to new posts Re: from HFS to APFS and back again by jchuzi @ 12/07/18 04:03 AM

I cloned my APFS volume to an external drive, and the external was MacOS Extended (Journaled). Assuming that this is the same as HFS (and I don't know that), it might be possible to clone back to convert the internal to HFS. Just a suggestion...
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Jump to new posts Re: The Numbers game of column width by deniro @ 12/06/18 05:14 PM

I had NeoOffice for a long time, paid for it a long time ago, but I didn't use it much. In Windows I started using LibreOffice, so downloaded the Mac version, too. It has some good qualities, but I like Numbers more.
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I don't see anything obvious that would effect download from iCloud to your iMac. It sounds suspiciously as if there is a "damaged" file somewhere in the system. There are a few things you might try, but not necessarily in this sequence. My
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Jump to new posts Re: macOS Mojave 10.14.2 by jchuzi @ 12/06/18 04:18 AM

I didn't see those apps anywhere after installing the Combo. The only glitch, so far, is that Entourage 2008 had added an identity, which I deleted. I don't know why this happened. I also don't know how long the installation took because I set it up
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Jump to new posts Re: Shorter battery life in 10.14.1 by artie505 @ 12/06/18 03:32 AM

I just updated to macOS 10.14.2, and my battery situation has changed for the worse. It's showing a significantly shorter life than in 10.14.1 and is draining ridiculously quickly although Activity Monitor > Energy doesn't show anything unusual.
Jump to new posts Re: removing external HD icon by artie505 @ 12/03/18 01:40 PM

Post deleted.