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Jump to new posts Re: Camera advice by joemikeb @ 17 minutes 46 seconds ago

I think the charger can make a difference and typically performance is directly proportional to price. My experience with Eneloops was not particularly satisfactory. They started out lasting almost as long as good alkaline batteries but every recharg
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Jump to new posts Re: Can't triple click in Windows by deniro @ Today at 10:52 AM

The line break makes sense.
Jump to new posts Re: Firefox ESR 52.5.3 by grelber @ Today at 09:50 AM

Further to the TLS handshake issue ... I was experiencing a few unrelated conflicts and so decided to let El Capitan sort it all out by shutting the iMac down for 15 minutes. Not only did the conflicts seem to resolve themselves but the rampant rel
Jump to new posts Re: Our next president?!! by grelber @ Yesterday at 08:53 AM

Ya know, a scenario on the order of the premise of Designated Survivor might be the singular salvation of the great democratic experiment. (I'd sure vote for Kiefer Sutherland for president, as long as he guaranteed that his cabinet would con
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Jump to new posts Re: cannot use Disk Warrior from clone by Virtual1 @ Yesterday at 05:22 AM

Originally Posted By: tacitHuh. I just turned off sync in preferences and noticed exactly the same thing. This stops CoreSync from doing its thing, but it doesn't stop CoreSync from running. Services typically have to stat loaded even when not runnin
Jump to new posts Re: The Inside on iOS security by Virtual1 @ Yesterday at 05:09 AM

also food for thought... Quote:When we set out to create the best possible mobile platform, we drew from decades of experience to build an entirely new architecture. There's a general rule of thumb in the security community regarding security comp
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Jump to new posts Re: El Capitan issues by grelber @ Yesterday at 02:57 AM

Just another Thank you for all the assistance in jumping 4 OSs. Compared with my total freak-out when I switched from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X Lion some 6 years ago, this was a breeze and my limbic system didn't require nearly the amount of calmatives.
YES, thanks guys!
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Jump to new posts Re: Upgrading OS on Early 2008 iMac by artie505 @ 01/17/18 08:39 AM

Originally Posted By: macmillanCan anybody tell me how to obtain 10.10 (or 10.11 if it doesn't create additional memory resource problems) ? I suggest that you max out the RAM in your 20" iMac at 6 GB regardless of which OS you upgrade it to.
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Jump to new posts Re: Intermittant sound by Urquhart @ 01/17/18 03:54 AM

If you have earbuds or headphones to plug in as alternative for the built-in speakers, then you should be able to determine if it is the speakers or the signal.
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Jump to new posts Re: Missing posts? by tacit @ 01/16/18 01:56 AM

I believe the higher post number includes spam posts that have been removed by moderators.
Jump to new posts Re: All windows from last session by alternaut @ 01/15/18 08:08 AM

I couldn’t have predicted this particular outcome, but I’m glad you figured out what florfed Safari’s works.
Jump to new posts Re: Australian birds have weaponized fire ... by grelber @ 01/13/18 01:34 PM

Originally Posted By: Ira LOriginally Posted By: grelberRené Descartes was wrong. Perhaps only where his great pickup line is concerned: "I think, therefore I am." Since the discussion relates to animals ... Descartes believed (as did man
Jump to new posts Re: New iMac with 5,1 Mac Pro used as server? by joemikeb @ 01/12/18 03:06 PM

As long as your computer will run Snow Leopard and you can live with the additional vulnerabilities and you can get a compatible version of MacOS server (MacOS server versions are NOT backward compatible) there should be no problem.