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Jump to new posts Re: Equifax vs. security by Virtual1 @ Today at 12:37 PM

Originally Posted By: artie505I'd think that Equifax's info would be on the mark, and they're not selling anything; their giving it away. I'm referring to checking the same person's credit from two different devices, with the same service. That sh
I have encountered a number of web sites that do not function correctly, if at all, when I have ad blocker extensions enabled. Curiously enough some fo these sites are shopping carts that fail when the SUBMIT button is clicked. If I remember to turn
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Jump to new posts Re: No More App Store in iTunes 12.7 by joemikeb @ Yesterday at 04:34 PM

See this OS X Daily article on How to Copy Ringtones to iPhone or iPad in iTunes 12.7.
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Jump to new posts Re: iphone, messages not getting sound alert by kevs @ Yesterday at 09:38 AM

Did not do the restart yet, but I will remember that! Weird glitch huh? Coincidentally Ira, today, a voicemail, which has a flag red icon wont dismiss. So I rebooted, and it was there, and then finally vanished. Bottom Line: I not in habit or rebo
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Jump to new posts Re: Face Recognition & iPhone X Startup? by pbGuy @ Yesterday at 07:29 AM

Originally Posted By: pbGuyOriginally Posted By: Ira that if the Power/Wake button is pushed 5 time in succession that a passcode becomes mandatory to unlock the phone FaceID requires only 2 failed attempts to require the Passcode. While Ma
Jump to new posts Re: superduper by jaybass @ 09/17/17 06:41 AM

Artie, I'm in no hurry. Thanks anyway. jaybass
Jump to new posts Re: Our [next] president?!! by ryck @ 09/15/17 04:05 PM

Originally Posted By: joemikebIt appears Trump and everyone in his administration is so tunnel visioned and short-sighted......... .....and mind-numbingly petty. Trump overturned a logical piece of legislation, that would have helped many people in t
Jump to new posts APFS & Backups: Dave Nanian's (SuperDuper)Take by Pendragon @ 09/15/17 03:52 AM

Just thought y'all may find Dave Nanian's discussion /blog re APFS issues of interest. As I don't understand much of it, I am ill-prepared to comment. Still, I remain sympathetic to others here 'bouts who (also) opine that non-trivial await (includ
Apple has released formal advice that APFS will not work on fusion drives in the initial release of 10.13: No word on HDD-only Macs but, it's London to a brick Apple will get fusion drives working
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Jump to new posts Re: Google Earth by Rob McNaughton @ 09/14/17 02:41 PM

Google Earth has become Google Earth Pro .. and this I did not notice at all. A trap for young players, I think. My thanks .
Jump to new posts Re: The NRA's idea of recreation by grelber @ 09/14/17 11:27 AM

Originally Posted By: joemikebOriginally Posted By: grelberYeah {sigh} ... gotta grant you that. Still, the greater membership probably holds to the foundation doctrine. I am unconvinced of that. if the sportspersons and hunters are in the majorit
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Jump to new posts Re: Mac OS X System details by joemikeb @ 09/14/17 10:08 AM

What happened when you tried to follow Apple's instructions for changing the email associated with your account?
Jump to new posts Re: High Sierra Beta by joemikeb @ 09/13/17 08:57 AM

I am currently up to the High Sierra Developer Gold Master running on APFS (encrypted) and at this point the only issue that has not been solved is SoftRAID compatibility.
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Jump to new posts Re: Printing problem sorta solved by artie505 @ 09/13/17 08:49 AM

Originally Posted By: joemikebI can't replicate your problem in the High Sierra Gold Master, but you might check your View settings in Preview - particularly Zoom and Zoom to fit. My Preview settings are apparently academic, because in addition to
Jump to new posts Re: Trying to connect new router by joemikeb @ 09/13/17 07:59 AM

Originally Posted By: BensheimI've done all that, including pressing factory reset on it. Maybe that's what did it, but IT NOW WORKS!!! Great! 👍 Originally Posted By: BensheimIt's a dual-band Netgear and to my astonishment, seems to be transmit