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Jump to new posts Re: What is this coverter? by kevs @ Yesterday at 11:02 AM

thanks guys. The one I have now I think then is the $30 Apple. It would nice to have a backup right on hand in case it fries, but now that I know what it, I could just order as needed. Your opinion Joe? And also would stay with Apple and pay trip
Jump to new posts Re: Snow Leopard and HP DeskJet 849C by joemikeb @ Yesterday at 06:43 AM

Thanks to DEVONagent pro I found another site Life Support that archives drivers and other software for older PCs and Macs including these drivers for the HP Deskjet 840C. Hope this helps.
Jump to new posts Re: Ad astra: another passing. by jchuzi @ Yesterday at 02:41 AM

Katherine Johnson, who was one of the brilliant team of "computers" (the name for people who were brilliant at math) that helped put men on the moon.
Jump to new posts The End for Intel on the Mac? by joemikeb @ 02/24/20 02:38 PM

According to this MacRumors article an Apple designed ARM processor for the Mac is in the plans for this year but won't ship until 2021.
Jump to new posts Re: PayPal return shipping refund by Ira L @ 02/24/20 09:22 AM

Nice. Thanks.
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Jump to new posts Re: MacOS install issue by joemikeb @ 02/23/20 01:55 PM

Originally Posted By: artie505Originally Posted By: joemikeb...another possible workaround might be to boot from the Recovery Drive using Shift-Option-⌘-R which will install "Reinstall the macOS that came with your Mac, or the closest version
Jump to new posts Re: HP DeskJet 840C ink stain! by iBozz @ 02/22/20 12:19 PM

Thanks, one and all. I blotted up the worst and then wiped down the area with dry kitchen towel. Surprisingly, this actually got rid on most of it and almost restored the surface. I then went over the affected area with kitchen towel soaked in iso
Jump to new posts Re: Crooks lurking at legit vendors by artie505 @ 02/22/20 09:25 AM

Originally Posted By: joemikebIn Stock items may be sold by Amazon or a third party. If it is sold by a third party there will also be a statement "Sold by seller's name and Fulfilled by Amazon" which I take to mean Amazon is acting as an a
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Jump to new posts Re: Show Me the Music by artie505 @ 02/21/20 09:45 AM

Although I didn't really think there'd be any problems leaving things as they were because of the "Files" pref and because iTunes had already seamlessly transitioned to Music, it was an easy change, and it also changed iTunes formatting to
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Jump to new posts Re: Mysterious images in Music by artie505 @ 02/21/20 09:13 AM

Originally Posted By: ryckOriginally Posted By: artie505The screenshot I posted is of the ONLY artwork ANYWHERE in my ENTIRE Music installation...two album covers, no nothing else. Just curious....why do you choose not to use album cov