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iTunes, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV
Jump to new posts Re: How do I delete text messages from my iPhone? by dkmarsh @ Today at 05:04 AM

See my reply here.
iTunes, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV
Jump to new posts Re: Text threads all gone bye-bye by dkmarsh @ Today at 05:01 AM

I guess what I was asking was "where are these text threads occurring?" If they're taking place in the Messages app on your iPad, then this article might be of use. How to Delete Messages in iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, & iOS
Jump to new posts Re: Emails - blacklisting -spam by joemikeb @ Yesterday at 02:05 PM

Since these messages are appearing in the SPAM folder on your provider's webmail interface that eliminates anything untoward happening on your Mac (which would probably be easier to solve). The typical email message goes through a number of servers b
Jump to new posts Re: The thread formerly known as: Maybe 45 ... by artie505 @ Yesterday at 09:58 AM

Originally Posted By: DouglasYou cannot explain anything to a moron as their IQ is not sufficient for that type of reasoning. And beyond that, the stupider they are, the smarter they think they are.
Jump to new posts Re: Coronavirus information: assorted web links by grelber @ Yesterday at 12:53 AM

From The Atlantic in 2018 ... The Next Plague Is Coming. Is America Ready? The epidemics of the early 21st century revealed a world unprepared, even as the risks continue to multiply. Much worse is coming.
Mac OS X Applications
Jump to new posts Re: Better Touch Tool application by joemikeb @ 04/06/20 09:47 AM

Your OP got me hooked on BTT and I have spent a lot of time fine-tuning my settings. During the course of all that I have encountered a note in BTT that certain functions MAY not work with Apple Keyboards. Which would seem to add weight to your think
Jump to new posts Re: Ad astra: another passing. by Ira L @ 04/04/20 10:15 AM

"Ain't no sunshine…" since he's gone: Bill Withers
Mac OS X System
Thanks. Then I apparently can't rely on the Apple doc and my so far lack of pop-ups. Phooey! I was hoping that I could.
Audio, Video, Photography
Jump to new posts Re: Photoshop crashing by joemikeb @ 04/03/20 11:22 AM

Affinity's offer also includes a 90 day trial period.