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Jump to new posts Re: Google Question by artie505 @ 04/22/19 04:20 PM

Thanks for your thoughts. I don't think it's the playoffs, because I'm seeing around the same number of hits since they've begun that I saw before they started. The Ball fraud may have resulted in a spike, but 1/4 billion hits doesn't seem at all l
Jump to new posts Re: Maybe 45 needs to end it all with a .45 by MacManiac @ 04/21/19 01:53 PM

Originally Posted By: JM HanesWell, I'll back off my hyperbolic statement that almost anyone would have been better, but I think it's very difficult to take about foreign policy in a vacuum. We could all design better Presidents than the ones we hav
Jump to new posts Re: Teeth the size of bananas by Virtual1 @ 04/19/19 12:16 PM

Originally Posted By: ryckI sure wouldn't want to open the garage door and find this guy standing there. "niiiiice kitty!"