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Mac OS X System
Jump to new posts Re: Unusual disk storage for SYSTEM FOLDER by artie505 @ Yesterday at 01:28 PM

Snapshots is new in High Sierra/APFS, so it can't be your problem. You might try d/l'ing one of those "Where's my space gone?" apps. (I use GrandPerspective.) More: GP might not find what you're looking for, because it doesn't scan all yo
Jump to new posts Tip: migrating from Entourage to Mail by jchuzi @ Yesterday at 01:16 PM

I have been trying to figure out a way to migrate my accounts from Entourage 2008 to Mail, and ultimately to Outlook and/or Mozilla Thunderbird. I even phoned Microsoft, and their IT guy couldn't give me an answer. Luckily, I remembered the important
Mac OS X Applications
Jump to new posts Re: opening an alias folder by MG2009 @ Yesterday at 11:31 AM

A similar thread recently might have something relevant to your situation (?) . . .
Jump to new posts Re: High Sierra Beta by joemikeb @ Yesterday at 07:11 AM

Originally Posted By: artie505I've had a bit of luck in that direction, but I've met with resistance in most instances. One developer sent me a 64 bit version of his app back in August (but still hasn't released it to the public ), and another did
Mac OS X System
Jump to new posts Re: Migration Question by joemikeb @ Yesterday at 06:20 AM

I browsed the Terminal "man" files for Security and Keychain and like missing preference files, when a keychain is not found a new empty keychain will be automatically created. These commands come to MacOS from BSD Unix via Apple's Darwin that is at
Jump to new posts Re: (Don't) migrate contacts to Outlook by jchuzi @ 04/21/18 02:24 PM

Thanks! I'll give Thunderbird a try.
Jump to new posts Re: Google and Facebook by MG2009 @ 04/20/18 03:31 PM

Re: "Nicely said...." ------------------------- Tanx. I just remembered another example: A while ago I was looking at a real estate site. Within minutes, I received a generic email from a mortgage company in my junk inbox. Coincide
Jump to new posts Re: Our next president?!! by ryck @ 04/20/18 08:16 AM

Originally Posted By: grelberThe president has spent his whole career in the company of grifters, cons and crooks. All who are dishonest people which, with Trump hanging around with them, makes one think "birds of a feather" . After re
Jump to new posts Re: Ad astra: another passing. by grelber @ 04/18/18 12:30 PM

The matriarch and the most likable/lovable member of the Bush clan ... Barbara Bush, First Lady and First Mother, Dies at 92 Mrs Bush avoided controversial issues while in the White House and became known for her straight talk, lack of pretension a
FineTunedMac Feedback
Jump to new posts Forum description by artie505 @ 04/17/18 09:44 AM

Isn't it long past time for the description of the Mac OS X System forum to have been updated to reflect macOS and High Sierra? (Mac OS X Applications, too.)
Jump to new posts Re: an honest scammer! by jchuzi @ 04/16/18 03:22 PM

My phone company must be labeling spurious calls. Today, caller ID identified the caller as Spam, Dallas TX. I did answer the phone, and a female voice said, "Please stop what you're doing". I obeyed her command. I was answering the phone a
Jump to new posts Re: Tons of Cats by artie505 @ 04/16/18 01:26 AM

Originally Posted By: MG2009Re: Training Cats On the other hand . . . . And on the third hand, there's Hercules, the world's most awful cat (The other cat in the household, a female, lived her entire life up on a high shelf to avoid him!), who, ap