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Jump to new posts Re: Removing autofill items from iMessage (Messages) by plantsower @ Today at 12:04 PM

Hi: Thanks, JoeMike. I checked, but it only shows emails, no numbers. You know, I think it works like the autofill works in Safari just remembering urls. They aren't stored anywhere obvious, but Safari remembers them. It's a mystery and very a
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Jump to new posts Re: What happened to the green light? by joemikeb @ 06/15/19 09:35 AM

Originally Posted By: deniroLet's say I'm in Firefox. I grab a corner of the window and shrink the window in half. I click the green light. The window maximizes, but the menu bar disappears. If I double click the Firefox window, it minimizes to the d
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Jump to new posts Re: CRAZY launch agents killing my laptop by joemikeb @ 06/14/19 05:33 PM

Originally Posted By: kevsOK, Joe thanks. So, Etre Check, not revolutionary, then, but I assume that even a veteran like you must have been surprised when it came along just a couple of years ago, providing a whole new (original or innovative?) OS sy