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Jump to new posts Re: Removing Cookies by plantsower @ 49 minutes 30 seconds ago

Thanks, JoeMike. I don't like keychain. I can't remember what happened but it caused me a problem so I quit using it. I thought about using a password app but I am paranoid about it getting hacked and then someone would have all my passwords conv
Jump to new posts Re: Local hostname change by joemikeb @ Today at 04:46 AM

Any details on what makes the wireless environment poor? There are lots of possibilities, and while you may not be able to do anything about them, you may be able to take steps to mitigate the risk.
Jump to new posts Re: Zenna by artie505 @ Today at 03:53 AM

I remember seeing her books 50 years ago (A Google Images search finds any number of paperback covers that I remember.) but never buying any of them, because from their blurbs, they weren't what I preferred to read. She cites Hal Clement as one of h
Jump to new posts Re: Mojave! by artie505 @ Yesterday at 07:54 AM

Originally Posted By: MacManiac...but do NOT just continue blindly ahead and hope for the best! As my pilot did. You'd think he'd have learned after his first incident.
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Jump to new posts Oddball Keychain entries by ryck @ 10/13/18 04:29 PM

I have a at least a couple of hundred identical entries in my Keychain that are: Name: iMessage Encryption Key Kind: private key Keychain: login There are no Modification or Expiry dates. Two questions: 1) What are these? 2) Can I safely ace the wh
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Jump to new posts Re: WiFi & LTE Connectivity Issue by Ira L @ 10/13/18 08:53 AM

According to MacRumors: "Modem firmware updates are a routine part of major .1 iOS releases, so it's not yet clear if the new firmware specifically addresses issues that customers have been experiencing with LTE connectivity. Early reports on
Jump to new posts Re: Cookie Bombardment by ryck @ 10/12/18 08:29 AM

Originally Posted By: artie505You're obviously able to focus better than I can. My wife might argue that point. She’s always saying “You never listen to me.” ….or something like that.
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Jump to new posts Re: Mojave! by artie505 @ 10/12/18 02:31 AM

Mojave has so far been a reeeally boring upgrade; I guess it's a tribute to Apple and the beta testers.
Jump to new posts Men denying bad behaviour by ryck @ 10/11/18 09:00 AM

This could explain a lot.
Jump to new posts Re: Looking for custom script by Pendragon @ 10/10/18 10:32 AM

Thanks to the help y'all provided, I avoided wasting a few Zorkmids and 90% of my requirements are satisfied. FYI: In a recent conversation with the developer of SpamSieve, he opined that in an upcoming version, he hopes to provide an optional sett