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Jump to new posts Re: Maybe 45 needs to end it all with a .45 by grelber @ Today at 01:55 PM

If all goes according to plan, he'll be coming home from Hanoi in a casket ... attached to the head of an ICBM ... or so one would fervently hope.
Jump to new posts Re: Trump's tax reform - Just another con by artie505 @ 02/16/19 09:05 AM

Originally Posted By: grelberFrankly, I would like the government qua tax man to have the use of my money for a shorter rather than longer period, especially if a refund is in the works — ie, I want my money to work for me rather than the governmen
Jump to new posts Re: Key cap popped off by deniro @ 02/14/19 10:23 AM

Article about the Macally solar keyboard.
Jump to new posts The Cloud.... by ryck @ 02/14/19 07:58 AM layperson's terms.
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Jump to new posts Re: icloud a bit haywire by kevs @ 02/13/19 08:10 PM

Thanks Joe, actually, I opened a case with Apple and the supervisor is getting engineers on this. So frustrated had to post... but let's see what they find. Everything you asked is A ok. We archived icloud drive today, and they will dig in. Currentl
Jump to new posts Re: Ad astra: another passing. by joemikeb @ 02/13/19 12:07 PM

Mars Rover Twelve years into a mission that was scheduled to last for ninety days. Rover traveled 25 miles on the Martian surface, took thousands of pictures, and changed the scientific view of Mars. Well Done Rover!
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Jump to new posts Re: 10.13.6 Combo Updater not cooperating by joemikeb @ 02/13/19 11:58 AM

Originally Posted By: freelanceWith this method (Option+Command+R), do you lose your User data? I presume I would not be offered Mojave, as I do not have a Metal-compatible graphics card. The only ways you might lose your data would be an SSD failur