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Originally Posted By: Ira LUsing Messages, you cannot text from your desktop computer to an non-iPhone; your Desktop computer does not have cellular.. Not entirely correct. Using Messages you cannot text from a desktop computer to a non-Apple device
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Jump to new posts Re: iPhone question by joemikeb @ Today at 01:23 PM

CLARIFICATION PLEASE: In your other thread I thought you indicated you did not intend to use the device as a telephone so cellular network connectivity would be a useless continuing expense. If that is the case why would you care if it is GSM or GSM/
Jump to new posts Re: Deplorables by Douglas @ Today at 09:45 AM

To lump all of the demonization and name calling as relating to disagreements is very disingenuous. For example, 'tax cuts are bad' or 'tax cuts are good' is a disagreement. When Trump says 'I did not say that' when in fact you have him on tape say
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Jump to new posts Re: iPhone question...maybe by artie505 @ Yesterday at 05:27 PM

Update... My iPhone 4 has come back to a sense. Here's what's transpired:For more than a year, it didn't connect with iTunes except on rare occasions when it either connected on its own or I reset it, and under either circumstance, it lost
Jump to new posts Re: Maybe 45 needs to end it all with a .45 by ryck @ Yesterday at 06:33 AM

Originally Posted By: jchuziThe House will impeach Trump but the Republican-dominated Senate will not remove him. And this will be followed by a vigorous campaign saying that, in spite of overwhelming evidence, the non-removal really means exonerated
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Jump to new posts Re: Iphone Map, way to see alternate routes? by joemikeb @ 11/14/19 10:44 AM

Both of my vehicles are equipped to handle Car Play so I connect my iPhone via USB and use the display and audio on my vehicle's Info System. Between the larger screen and my Apple Watch tapping me on the wrist to alert me to upcoming maneuvers I sel
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Not that I expect to ever use either of those installers again, but thanks for the heads-up. And if I"ve ever got to use my archived Yosemite or El Cap installers I'll have to use some arbitrarily earlier date than 10-22-2019.
Jump to new posts Re: Senator Lindsey Graham - What a loser by Douglas @ 11/13/19 07:14 AM

Trump almost got it right about human scum, but it's not the 'never Trumpers'.It is staunch his supporters, like Senator Graham, who are human scum.
Jump to new posts Re: Caches - are they a security issue? by artie505 @ 11/11/19 09:13 AM

Quote:I am wondering if I should have Cookie clear all non-favourite websites cookies and caches more often than just when I close Safari. Cookie only purports to be able to clear cache and history while Safari is open; it cannot actually do so. It c