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The only thing with which I differ is Rita's leaving her external HDD as a single partition. In one of her other threads I suggested that since it's so big, 1 TB compared to her 120 GB internal SSD, she make 5 x 100 GB partitions and 1 x 500 GB part
Jump to new posts Re: COVID-19 Contact Tracking? by artie505 @ Yesterday at 04:07 PM

Originally Posted By: joemikeb...a common tenet among people of all faiths is, "we are our "brother's keeper" and have an obligation to look out for the welfare of those around us not just ourselves. Finding out you have been exposed
Jump to new posts Re: The Mysterious Bicycle by David @ 05/23/20 08:34 PM

Originally Posted By: Ira LMaybe, like a tightrope walker, humans have an innate gyroscopic stabilizing sense and that enters into the stability of bike riding. Pretty much. Our vestibular system has a series of looped canals in our inner ears th
Not only that, but Pepys' journals are one of the few written documents that survived the Great Fire of London and as such, give us an interesting perspective on that time. As the article referenced briefly alludes, Pepys' diaries contained many des
Jump to new posts Re: Apple Mail - Connection Logging Enabled by artie505 @ 05/22/20 09:27 AM

Oops! I forgot what his thread was about. I doubt that your settings are involved if you're taken offline only intermittently. That sounds more like an ISP issue, although why it should affect only you is curious, but not as curious as the filing
Jump to new posts Re: Ad astra: another passing. by MacManiac @ 05/19/20 07:19 AM

Ken Osmond, better known for his classic role as Eddie Haskell in "Leave It to Beaver".....