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Re: So many things wrong! artie505 10/30/20 01:46 AM
Originally Posted by MacManiac
"sudo rm/"
...and don't forget that the command needs a SPACE before the "/" to be properly formatted otherwise it won't be a valid unix command.

i.,e., - "sudo rm /"
Sorry for losing this in my bookmarks bar.

Maybe my memory is faulty, but I remember having had to post a caveat at one time to ensure that people entered a space after the / or they'd rm their boot volume.

My experiment was intended to see just how much of itself the OS would eat, but I forgot that I was experimenting on a read-only volume.

The experiment will work only in Mojave or earlier.
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Re: SuperDuper Question artie505 10/30/20 12:36 AM
Originally Posted by MartyByrde
The reason I went back to OS 10.15.4 was that I wanted a workable backup/clone.
But unless you had for some reason created a NEW task, all your (existing) backups were bootable.

You've said that you do clean installs for upGRADES, which require that new tasks be created, but for upDates?
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Re: Safari Privacy Report anomaly? artie505 10/29/20 11:31 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Here is my take. When you click on the Privacy Report For This Site you are seeing the privacy report for that particular moment in time. When you click on the info icon you will see
  1. It is the report for the last 30 days
  2. Who tracked that web site in the last 30 days
  3. The really scary part, the percentage of websites visited in the last 30 days that attempted to track you

If you click on Show More you will find an explanation of why a tracker may appear to be associated with a particular site such as FineTunedMac but is unknown to the site developer or host.

The wording in the Privacy Report For This Site could be clearer.
1. It's the report for the last 30 days ONLY if you haven't quit Safari for 30 days; it resets each time you quit Safari.
3. The only site I"ve ever noticed NOT tracking me is FTM.
The wording in the "Privacy Report For This Site" could most assuredly be clearer than the mud it resembles at the moment, and I"m not even sure ithat it explains my FTM tracker, because...

I've noticed that the owner of the tracker is Verizon Media, and Verizon just happens to be my ISP, although it doesn't track me on all sites, nor can I figure out any rhyme or reason to the ones it does track me on.
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Re: Coronavirus information: assorted web links artie505 10/29/20 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
...the rapid rise in the number of cases nationally proves Trump's often repeated assertion "we have rounded the corner".
I assume you meant DISproves.

And if you've been paying attention, you've noticed that the two states that have recently leapt to the top of the list of stricken states are the two whose governors are most closely aligned with Trump's approach to the problem, i.e. Texas and Florida.

Originally Posted by joemikeb
It is a genuine shame Mad Magazine went under. It is times like these when we we need Alfred's words of wisdom!
Hear, hear!
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Re: First Look At Big Sur MartyByrde 10/29/20 09:26 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Having gone through a number of credit card numbers as a result of suspected fraud over the years, I empathize with your caution. That is exactly why I use Apple Pay or PayPal whenever possible for credit card transactions. Either dramatically reduces the exposure of my credit card numbers either in storage and especially during transmission. But realistically there is no way to keep credit card information off of the internet. Even if you never buy anything on the internet the information is in the bank's records and therefore vulnerable. In the end all anyone can do is take reasonable precautions and do business with financial institutions that have aggressive and vigilant fraud protection programs.

A piece of advice learned the hard way: Credit Card losses due to fraud are limited to $50 by federal statute. Debit card losses have no loss limit protection and can potentially exceed the balance of your account, even your net worth. (FTC article 0213) Don't risk using your Debit card on the internet.

Well stated! And I never use either of my debit cards for such transactions. I only use them at the appropriate ATMs. I will say, though, that back in the early 90's, I did have an issue with using my Debit Card at an appropriate ATM. All got resolved in my favor, but it sure was bizarre!
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Re: Google G Suite ryck 10/29/20 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
....I found with a DuckDuckGo search, G-Suite is changing to Google Workspace and email is just the tip of the iceberg. It is a complete suite of communications tools including calendar, addressbook, email, text messaging, on-line meetings, and works best with Google Chrome (which is not surprising)
Emphasis added.

Well, I certainly won’t ever change to the Chrome browser. Being paranoid, I would assume that, even if my provider is correct in saying that they would have my back on privacy matters, Google would be using Chrome as a "back door" way to collect data about me. I understand from a DuckDuckGo note that, when you tell Chrome to wipe private data about you, it exempts the Google website.

Good thing I’m completely satisfied with Safari.
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Re: Curious slowness-limited to one account ryck 10/28/20 04:13 PM
Thanks for that. Yesterday I installed both of the updates (above) far, so good.
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Re: The Finder preveiw image gone artie505 10/27/20 08:34 AM
Originally Posted by kevs
JOe actually it is available in list view. I use only list view 95% time; Thumbnails view 5/ %, and never use Column view. . Found the solution: You go to menu, list view, and it's there. Hide or show preview . Though should also be in preview options but is not for some reason.
Thanks for posting that, but I"m unable to duplicate it.

For future reference, would you please post a screenshot of the menu to which you're referring.

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Re: Firefox - Bookmark favicons artie505 10/27/20 02:55 AM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
If I change the URL to
the favicon in the sidebar instantly changes to the SITE favicon. Apparently the favicon that is displayed is that of the the specific PAGE pointed to in the URL.
We're on the same page: I use the same "/forums" URL as you, and I actually already reported here that the "start" page favicon is the FTM favicon and that it changes to the UBB favicon when I click past it.

I also reported that the issue didn't manifest itself when I booted into safe mode, but your post prompted me to test that, and I don't know what happened the first time, but this time I got the UBB favicon. (My only guess is that I forgot to click past the "start" page the first time. blush ?)

At any rate, even though we haven't got a definitive answer about why what's happening is happening, I at least now know to not waste any time agonizing over a conflicting startup item.
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Re: Mojave users: attention! ryck 10/26/20 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by Ira L
Apparently the name for this recent update is the same as the previous one that was pulled. So users should check the availability through Preferences>Software Updates, rather than relying on the update name.
I always use Preferences>Software Updates but was stung with awful performance after the first install, so I'd be interested in knowing how people made out with this one.
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Re: Copy W/R CD to flash drive plantsower 10/24/20 08:46 PM
Hi: Unfortunately, I haven't been able to run Journler since Mavericks. There was no update at that time when I checked.
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Re: Whats app rings at night kevs 10/24/20 05:29 PM
Joe says allow call from No One. Yes the phone rang, and was not the ring on the iphone, it was the whasts app goofy sounding ring.. Maybe other phones systems pierce through that?

I can't easily test this and I don't have a 2nd phone with whatsapp
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Re: how to Zoom joemikeb 10/23/20 03:37 PM
Why not go to the horse's mouth, Zoom has nice array of Video tutorials that will lead you through most of what you need to know. NOTE: these all assume Windows and microsoft but there are tools available for the Mac and iOS as well. In addition, there are apps that will make that easier such as Just Join. Typically you will receive an invitation to the meeting that has two links, one of which when clicked on will put a calendar event in your download folder. Double click on that and the event is automatically added to your calendar with all of the information necessary to join the meeting. Just Join is launched and runs in the background monitoring your calendar (with your permission of course), then at a specified time, say five minutes before the meeting a notification banner appears, click on that and Just Join launches and joins the meeting, no further action required on your part. you can also get apps such as Backgrounds for Zoom that provide backgrounds for on line meetings so you other conferees don't see you messy office or the cat lounging on the couch in the background. InstaZoom for Safari is a Safari extension that redirects zoom meetings to an in browser web client so no Zoom app is needed. One challenge I have encountered is the necessity to set the correct audio input and output in the Zoom app whether it is an actual app you have downlloaded or the in-browser version. On my computer it wants to insist that my USB microphone is the OUTPUT as well as input device. I have to reset the output every time. 🤷‍♂️
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