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Re: filtered jpgs jaybass 07/24/21 03:28 PM

I always edit the RAW image but as you probably know, dreamtime want the submission as a jpg. I always enlarge the image a minimum of 3 x to see if it's a keeper.

I have been using Noise ninja after converting to a jpg but I can reduce noise in affinity photo and then export as a jpg. Better.

Thanks Ira,

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Re: Kudos to B & H Photo ryck 07/22/21 11:51 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Two nations separated by thousands of miles of border and a common language.
Two nations, yes, but two very different nations, including the way we use English, although Americanization is creeping in. I now hear kids saying zee instead of zed.
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Re: Apple to destroy device fingerprinting? joemikeb 07/22/21 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by ryck
I've always been somewhat leery of iCloud (uncertain about storing private information anywhere other than drives I control) but I find this quite interesting....did a quick look around and see that Private Relay will be part of a paid subscription called iCloud+, which will have other security benefits. It seems to be headed for iOS'd be good if it was also ported over to OS (and very nice if it started in OS 14).

PRIVATE RELAY is already online in macOS 12 b3 (Monterey), as well as iOS 15 b3, and iPadOS 15 b3. As it is a MAJOR FEATURE of these next generation Apple operating systems, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it to be retrofitted into the current macOS 11, iOS 14, or iPadOS 14.

Private Relay works quite well, has no appreciable impact on download or upload speed, and in general is totally unobtrusive. The only problem I have encountered was when I chose the option to use "Country and Time Zone" location, I ran into problems with Amazon and one other e-commerce site that wanted to charge the tax rate where my IP address had me located and would not accept my destination address (which is weird as there is no problem if I am traveling and log onto a site in that time zone). Switching to "Maintain general Location" solved the problem neatly. In both settings my IP address and Whois data belonged to Apple's service partner and had no link back to my actual IP address, physical address, or actual ID. 😎 For example my current IP address places me in Bedford, Texas (several miles away) and WhoIS identifies me as a company in Amsterdam.

Private Relay enables another iCloud+ feature Hide My Email that permits you to log onto internet accounts with an email address that is only valid for that single site and can be turned off at any time. Emails from that site are routed to a Private Relay address and from there rerouted to your Apple email address, so your email and you remain hidden behind the Private Relay wall. The downside is the site has to be setup to support Apple login (similar to sites that allow login with your Google or Facebook account). In practice when you log onto the site you enter your logon password — which never goes beyond your device — and Private Relay handles everything else.
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Re: Iphone Message Nuisance with Bubbles etc kevs 07/22/21 04:59 PM
Thanks Joe, not the unpin done. Did not know about the holding down long is a right click so that help thanks again.
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Re: Can't dictate text with shared photo plantsower 07/21/21 06:28 PM
As suggested, a power off and on of the iPhone might clear it up. [/quote]

Which is did! Thanks, Ira.
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Re: How do we report a posting? ryck 07/21/21 04:15 PM
Thanks. And, I have to agree with artie, it's been a long time since we've had any of those creeps around the place.
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Tempest In Monterey joemikeb 07/19/21 10:03 PM
When I got my first look at the changes in Safari Technology Preview, my immediate response was, "this is different" followed shortly by "I like it." Little did I suspect that the changes would create apparently great controversy when they appeared in Safari 15 in Monterey. The controversial change is the absence of a search bar, and instead, each of the tabs becomes a miniature search bar and the background takes on the base color of the currently active tab as seen in this screenshot. Personally I love the feeling of the site and browser becoming one, not to mention the extra space in the window for content.

Apparently many users decried the loss of the separate search bar that in the third Monterey beta a view option were added to show a separate tab bar, show a Favorites bar, and even a status bar although I haven't seen it yet. So no matter your preference, you can tailor the Safari 15 window to your liking.

Personally I will stick with the minimalist version, but I would like to know what you all think about the options.
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Re: iPhone security, not foolproof joemikeb 07/19/21 04:46 PM
Yes, but NSO has assured us their spyware won't work on U.S. or Canadian phones, (which could be true as Apple has been forced into some compromises to be permitted access to some markets) but if you are willing to trust what NSO says, I have some real estate investment opportunities you might be interested in. There is a bridge in Brooklyn, some high rise condominiums just North of Miami, Florida, a girl's school in Afghanistan, beach property in Iceland, the list goes on and on.
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Re: Contact: click Mail icon nothing happens joemikeb 07/19/21 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
Originally Posted by joemikeb
As far as I can tell multiocolor means just that. Instead of a single bas cooler scheme, different items have unique colors. This has been an option on Apple Watch faces for a yyear or two now.
Thanks. I was thinking literally, i.e. multi, rather than single, color per item.
It would appear that multi-color has yet to be fully implemented in the current beta. At the present time I can tell no difference between multi-color and blue accent color schemes except in System Preferences > General. 😵‍💫
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Re: PlantNet jchuzi 07/18/21 11:48 AM
Thanks for that, jaybass. I just used PlantNet to identify a plant that grows in great abundance on my property. cool
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