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Jump to new posts Re: Back up and running! by artie505 @ Today at 02:16 PM

Let's see... "Generated in 1.563 seconds in which 1.161 seconds were spent on a total of 14 queries. Zlib compression enabled." 7 seconds by the clock. Aside: Huh? I posted this as a reply to a post by joemike that's since been deleted;
Jump to new posts Re: The death of "lie" by grelber @ Today at 12:47 PM

Originally Posted By: ryckOriginally Posted By: grelberAnd now it's time for another glass of petit verdot. ....only if the grape was ripened in a very sunny climate. And that of course would be Australia. Num num.
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Jump to new posts Re: copying tv program to a USB thumb drive by grelber @ Today at 01:27 AM

Originally Posted By: jaybassYou are so right. My son has just informed me of the PVR option I have on my remote. Obviously something I've never used. A PVR option can be operated via a remote but it means that your TV set-up has a built-in or add-
Originally Posted By: Virtual1So how would you rate those instructions? It's a somewhat difficult process to walk someone through / to make bulletproof instructions. ....and particularly difficult in writing. It takes time and thought, which you cl
Jump to new posts Re: Ad astra: another passing. by Ira L @ 07/20/18 08:28 AM

Adrian Cronauer, the original "Good Morning, Viet Nam!", and the inspiration for Robin William's character in the movie of the same name.
Jump to new posts Re: Is Apple Destroying the Mac? by MG2009 @ 07/18/18 12:34 PM

For me, the turning point for Apple's sense of reason was when it removed MOSAIC from its screensaver options. (I believe Mountain Lion was the last OS to offer it.) Why remove MOSAIC? No "logical" reason that I can think of. I can't im
Jump to new posts Re: Google and Facebook by joemikeb @ 07/18/18 06:50 AM

Who needs Facebook creepiness when Google is far more ubiquitous and far more intrusive. So much so the EU just hit them with a $5 Billion fine — yes BILLION — for anti-competitive practices.
Jump to new posts Re: Ever Wonder If Apple Reads Trouble Reports? by Virtual1 @ 07/17/18 11:59 AM

That's great to see, but I think for the time being (until I see more) I will view this as a "glitch in the matrix"
Jump to new posts Re: Donald Trump's Despicable Practices by grelber @ 07/17/18 02:21 AM

Any further doubt that shmuck-in-chief is throwing the USA under the bus?! [I told you that he was a Russian mole. (Can you say "Manchurian candidate"?) Now he's uncloaked.] Novichok all around for him and his entire administration. Fr