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Jump to new posts Re: Posting jpg question by grelber @ 40 minutes 43 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: artie505I'm going to take one more shot at this, because FTM is a troubleshooting forum, and it would behoove us to not throw in the towel before we run out of options. Here are images of what you should see at each step of thi
Jump to new posts Re: Our [next] president?!! by jchuzi @ Today at 09:18 AM

Originally Posted By: ryckWhat can I say? Oh yes, "What a jackass!" Please! Let's not insult jackasses. They have way more intelligence than this.
Jump to new posts Re: Looking for a Mail plugin by Virtual1 @ Today at 09:17 AM

so like THIS? still not seeing your problem.... or did you want it to force you to make a selection, instead of offering a selection with one of them being the default?
Jump to new posts Re: Flash: RIP by Virtual1 @ Today at 09:10 AM

Originally Posted By: jchuzi Flash is dead: Adobe announces end-of-life plans, will stop distribution in 2020 The cost of continuously releasing security updates was eating them alive!
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Jump to new posts Half moon icon by Pendragon @ Today at 03:31 AM

I received a message on my iPhone from my niece. To the left of her name is a little grey half moon- identical to the half moon that appears when my phone is set to “Do Not Disturb.” To my surprise, when I view that same message on my iMac, that
Jump to new posts Re: High Sierra Beta by joemikeb @ Yesterday at 06:29 PM

PUBLIC BETA 3 — DEVELOPER BETA 4 Just got it this afternoon and I haven't had time to put it through any testing yet. So far just a few comments... The install was smooth and flawless. So much so I don t even remember putting in my password to a
Jump to new posts Re: Apple Beta Program iOS 11 by joemikeb @ Yesterday at 06:07 PM

PUBLIC BETA 3 — DEVELOPER BETA 4 Nothing dramatic to report in today's update except I had some time to spend with Maps today and found some significant improvements... A new and to my ears very pleasing and distinct voice More precise voice g
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Jump to new posts Re: system prefs by Virtual1 @ Yesterday at 08:57 AM

Originally Posted By: jaybass The S/L backup is now empty and shows with an exclamation mark on it. After clicking it it said I cannot install MacX on this volume but to open D/U from the utilities menu and repartition the disk as 'GUID Partition Tab
Jump to new posts Re: Erasing or over-writing an external SSD? by Pendragon @ Yesterday at 08:43 AM

Many thanks Artie & Joe. I now fully understand the situation and am comfortable with what I have learned. The CIA & NSA and such are not likely to call, but I believe I now know enough to quell the need of common users.
Jump to new posts Re: Myth of Drug Expiration Dates by joemikeb @ Yesterday at 07:32 AM

And thousands of malpractice attorneys are already preparing their briefs to prove their client was harmed because the expiration date was set too long or there was no expiration date and the drug had become ineffective. The malpractice attorneys wil
Jump to new posts Re: Cyber Security by ryck @ Yesterday at 07:05 AM

Originally Posted By: grelberHere's a gem of an article with access points to determine How to See What the Internet Knows About You (And How to Stop It). It turns out that there's even more spying to worry about than that which happens on the inte
Jump to new posts Re: testing USB C speeds by Virtual1 @ 07/24/17 11:11 AM

Originally Posted By: tacitSadly, the enclosure (an Askey enclosure) does not pass along TRIm commands, so TRIM is not enabled for the external drive. Huh. I wouldn't have even considered that possible to not pass on...
Jump to new posts Re: Fine Tuning The Big Four Browsers by Virtual1 @ 07/24/17 11:08 AM or nice and easy to remember. ALSO gets around mediacrap's "auto redirecting mistyped URL to our landing page" annoyance. If I commit a 404, GIMME MY 404 TYVM and quit trying to imitate Clippy!!
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Jump to new posts Re: new serial number format musings by Virtual1 @ 07/22/17 04:38 AM

the week codes only require 0123456789CDFGHJKLMNPQRSTUV normally it'd be only 26 characters (not 27) since they need to cover the weeks in the first or last half of the year, but leap years have one more week (with one day in it) so they extended the
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Jump to new posts Re: macOS 10.12.6 by artie505 @ 07/21/17 07:24 PM

Originally Posted By: ryckI'm still 10.11.6 and yet Safari has been updated to 10.1.2 It probably came along with Security Update 2017-003 (El Capitan).
Jump to new posts Re: Luddites rejoice and gloat! by ryck @ 07/21/17 02:18 PM

Originally Posted By: grelberI prefer to witness their users over the long term turning into drooling dements ... the true zombie apocalypse. The zombie apocalypse is actually a good analogy. CBS 60 Minutes recently did a piece describing how smart
Jump to new posts Re: Maybe Tomorrow by ryck @ 07/21/17 01:58 AM

Originally Posted By: artie505I hope they never let her off the leash!
Jump to new posts Fire and Smoke by grelber @ 07/20/17 04:44 PM

Not wanting to go out on a real tangent in Maybe Tomorrow ... So, ryck, how's the fire and smoke in your neck of the woods? Out in the middle of the prairies we've got smoky haze (can't see the horizon) and smoky smell (although the AQHI is only 5
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Jump to new posts Re: iskysoft imedia version 5.3.0 by Virtual1 @ 07/20/17 08:54 AM

I've never seen a popup asking me if a document should "go to" the default application. Can you show us this dialog?