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Re: Erasing Mac plantsower 04/17/21 09:56 PM
Yes, unfortunately. frown

Originally Posted by joemikeb
Now that makes sense! As the security threats increase financial institutions must evolve to meet the advanced threat and that often demands tools and technology that cannot be retrofitted into the older systems. The impetus, really neccesity,, to upgrade comes not from Apple or the banks but from the scammers.
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Re: macOS 11.3 beta 7 is up joemikeb 04/14/21 06:45 PM
As of this morning we are up to beta 8 across all the variants.
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Re: disappearing email jchuzi 04/14/21 05:51 PM
As both my wife and I suspected, the cause was PEBKAC. She started to edit an email BEFORE clicking Forward. She ran into a similar difficulty today but I was able to see what was happening. She is great with animals, having tamed two feral cats and two feral snakes. So, she thinks like a cat and thinks like a snake, but she doesn't think like a computer. I won't ask what she thinks about me! (Quip: Never feel guilty because you have thought ill of your wife. She has thought much worse of you.)
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Re: infection joemikeb 04/13/21 08:07 PM
Originally Posted by jaybass
One thing I now do is to run ClamXAV prior to shutting down.
Running ClamXAV, or any such app, as a sometimes batch process is more likely to close the vault door after the bad guys have stolen the valuables and are long since gone. Whatever anti-malware app you use, I urge you in the strongest terms to INVEST in a paid version that automatically updates itself at least daily and either runs at frequent intervals or continually monitors the input streams for malware in order to catch the bad guys before they have done their harm (which can and often does include disabling anti-malware apps or hiding itself from their scans). At $29.95 a year, ClamXAV seems a reasonable investment for the level of protection it offers.
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Re: The Software Development Process joemikeb 04/12/21 08:09 PM
Originally Posted by Ira L
With a change in title, that process could apply to so many things. grin

It took me a year to convince my colleague where I worked that the software development process and the training development process were exactly the same but used different jargon names for the different stages. He had a PhD in curriculum development and had been hired to create a process for developing internal training. I finally pulled up the documented software development process and with the help of carefully chosen global replacements and minor editing, accomplished his one year project in a single long afternoon. I don't think he ever forgave me.
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Re: Ad astra: another passing. freelance 04/09/21 09:54 PM
Blanket coverage of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh on all the TV stations today and this evening. It got pretty tedious, so we watched the last two episodes of The Crown, instead.
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Mighty Mouse scroll wheel: a simple fix jchuzi 04/08/21 09:06 PM
For those who still have the Apple Mighty Mouse and have become thoroughly disenchanted with the scroll wheel's habit of getting clogged and not scrolling (although it seems to happen only when scrolling down), I came across this simple fix. I tried it on a recalcitrant mouse and it worked! I wish I had known of this years ago, because I purchased multiple mice, and each developed the same issue. I had, in desperation, ordered a Magic Mouse 2 because it has no scroll wheel, and was supposed to get it Tuesday, April 13 from BH PhotoVideo. I cancelled the order.

BTW, I followed the suggestion in one of the comments and turned the mouse upside down on a piece of paper instead of using the paper on top. To my great pleasure, a piece of dirt popped out.
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Re: Carbon Copy Cloner Status joemikeb 04/08/21 06:13 PM

TEST OBJECTIVE: To determine any further limitations to bootable clones and determine the true usefulness of a boot drive clone.

  • M1 Mac mini, 16 GB memory, 500 GB Storage
  • MacOS 11.3 beta 5 (or 6 -- I have lost count)
  • Carbon Copy Cloner Version 5.1.26-b4 (6173)
  • Samsung X5 1TB Thunderbolt 3 SSD Samsung X5 500GB Thunderbolt 3 SSD

  • The only way to create a bootable clone requires allowing ASR to erase the target drive.
  • The System volume cannot be updated by any method and remain bootable.
  • Kernel Extensions -- as opposed to user extensions -- do not clone and have to be installed after cloning
  • The source volume security settings are not included in the clone, which inhibits installation of kernel extensions
  • I have been unsuccessful in all attempts to change the security settings of a cloned volume but I can easily change the security settings of an external drive that was created by the installer.
  • No matter how the external boot drive is created, whether by cloning or intalling the OS, the first time it is booted, all of the applications will be verified. (Given the 490,000+ files/items/objects in Xcode, it can take an annoyingly long time to verify just by itself).
  • Running a CCC clone to a previously cloned volume works (in this case CCC only clones the data volume), but all the applications must be re-verified the next time you boot from the volume
  • Apple's new 1 True Recovery Volume in macOS 11 (Big Sur) is a major improvement.
  • Compare volume structure of the internal drive with that of the cloned drive and a installed drive and you will see there are two containers (APFS partitions) iBootSystemContainer and RecoveryOSContainer, on the internal drive that do not appear on either of the external drives. Obviously the internal drive provides functionality that is not available on either of the external drives. I cannot verify this, but I have read that without these present in the system, the system is not bootable. (NOTE: this needs to be tested with a full macOS 11.3 installer when it is released, the results may be different.)
  • The Data volume on mounted external drives tend to unexpectedly dismount when not in use.


  1. Bootable external Thunderbolt 3 or 4 SSDs are possible in macOS 11 M1 Macs running Big Sur.
  2. Those can be created either by installing or cloning from the internal drive.
  3. Any loss of contact with the "iBootSystemContainer" in the internal drive will render the system unbootable from any drive (this can be restored, but the process require using a second M1 Mac.)
  4. Clones are less functional than external drives created by installing from the Recovery Assistant, due to kernel extension and security policy issues.
  5. Bootable external boot drives are not as useful as they were in previous versions of macOS, but they are still viable.


  • Time Machine together with Apple's 1 True Recovery Drive remain my primary backup and disaster recovery tool set
  • I will continue to keep a copy of the latest full installer on a bootable thumb drive for deep disaster recovery purposes
  • For testing purposes I will install macOS on external drives rather than use clones because of limitations in clones.
  • I will continue to clone my data volume on the theory that in the event of a disaster, recovery might be faster than using Time Machine.
  • I remain eager to see Mike Bombich's "exciting new features" in Carbon Copy Cloner.
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Re: flash player joemikeb 04/05/21 01:25 PM
I'm glad to be able to help. As you found the details tend to evolve over time, so precise instructions can be difficult. The crsutil command does not even exist in Big Sur on my M1 Mac.
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TIP: Startup Mode Diagrams joemikeb 04/04/21 04:13 PM
I just came across these charts of boot options for Intel Macs and M1 Macs you might want to include in your personal "Knowledge Base".
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Re: M1 Surprises ๐Ÿคน๐Ÿผ MacManiac 04/04/21 02:09 AM
Joe, Thank you for the detailed and timely M-1 System on a Chip Apple Silicon updates. The details you've provided are extremely helpful in advising my friends on their newest Mac purchase....and choosing the M-1 Mac over the Intel Mac is undoubtedly going to be the solution that I will recommend.
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Re: OS 11.3 Beta 4 Released joemikeb 04/01/21 01:15 PM
For those of you who believe Apple ignores feedback see this Feedback report.
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Re: Recent Attacks on Asians/Asian-Americans joemikeb 03/31/21 03:12 PM
The cowardly attacks on elderly persons of Asian descent is reprehensible, but the failure of on-lookers to even speak up is equally despicable. Sadly there is a significant number of people in this country willing, even eager, to victimize any sub-group that "isn't our kind." The current wave of legislation seeking to fence the ballot box, punish persons of uncertain gender, and control women's bodies are manifestations of the same kind of thinking. Unless and until we, the people, become intolerant of intolerance AND put our own skin in the game, this kind of thing will continue, even at the highest levels.
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ARE YOU READY FOR... joemikeb 03/30/21 04:16 PM
IOS 15? iPadOS 15? MacOS 12? watch OS 8? iMacs with Apple Silicon? iPhone 13? Three Months and Counting
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Re: Intel and M1 joemikeb 03/30/21 03:59 PM
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Re: iphone nuisance back, wierd screen comes up kevs 03/30/21 03:02 AM
asking Siri, "hey Siri, how do I stop the phone from ringing on my Mac"

btrw Joe, phone is not ringing on imac.... you saw screenshot in my first text? If that window that comes up right on the iphone screen. Not even sure how I would describe that to Siri.
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Re: Coronavirus information: assorted web links MacManiac 03/29/21 03:10 PM
An interesting theory that will need to be carefully evaluated under controlled conditions to either prove or disprove....the fact that we are all depending on the results of the original clinical trials, conducted with very narrow constraints, leads one to hope that this expanded testing will provide the data required to open up our vaccination efforts with more flexible guidelines.
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Re: itunes or Music wont keep order of playlist kevs 03/27/21 01:31 AM
ok Joe thanks I'm on the iphone 7, so I'll replace it like I just with my my Macbook Air, when I'm forced to. So that seems to be time go then from 16GB to 250 or more! Then upgrade the yearly icloud and do the sync you are mentioning.
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Re: After Opera update, can't access router freelance 03/27/21 12:07 AM
You're a star! I don't know why disabling content blockers would have an effect on an internal router, but it did. And, it was only a problem since the update. It's Opera's own blocker, rather than an extension.

Anyway, thanks, all fixed now. Cheers.
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Re: DuckDuckGo search results in tiny font joemikeb 03/24/21 06:11 PM
I don't want to beat this to death, but in the interest of complete clarity and accuracy for anyone reading this thread:
  • A site appears in Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website data IF, AND ONLY IF one, or more, of the following parameters differs from the default values specified in Safari > Preferences > Websites.

Those parameters are:
  • Automatically use Reader mode on the website
  • Allow Content Blockers (Safari extensions using the content blocker API) on the website
  • Auto-Play media
  • Page Zoom level
  • Camera Access
  • Microphone Access
  • Access to Screen Sharing
  • Access to Location Data
  • Allow Downloads from the site
  • Allow the site to send Notifications
  • Allow the site to use Pop-up windows
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Facebook Marketplace question kevs 03/23/21 07:45 PM
I finally started using this and work nice. However, they just got rid of ability to click on persons profile and see who they are. I tested for hour and stumped. Anyone else? thanks!
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Re: ipad keeps going off kevs 03/23/21 07:25 PM
Ira, thanks, will try to digest that!
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Re: iPod not connecting to NEW VW joemikeb 03/22/21 07:58 PM
I have learned to trade in often and think of it more as "renting" the use of a device rather than "buying" it. Technology changes/advances(?) too fast to get attached to any particular device or model.
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Interesting Reading About Apple Security? joemikeb 03/21/21 02:13 PM
While reading this Eclectic Light article on hidden boot modes in the M1 Macs I ran across this Apple Support Manual that has all your ever wanted to know about Apple Security implementation and intentions. The Introduction alone is worth reading to get a feel for the philosophy undergirding Apple's security measures.
They are not trying to lock the user's out. ๐Ÿ˜ณ
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Re: MartyByrde alternaut 03/19/21 06:32 PM
This has gone far enough. Thread closed.
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