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Re: Can't use Safari to get into plantsower 12/09/21 12:24 AM
Thanks again. I really don't want to pay for SpamSeive. I've never paid for any apps and probably never will. But, I wonder, is there any chance they delete something you might not consider spam? Does it go into your spam folder or are you just out of luck?

Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by plantsower
[I would like to click on "not spam" on my end but, of course, I don't get their surveys anymore. I've noticed when I click "not spam" or "spam" Apple doesn't remember it for the future. Sometimes I put it in the rules, but that doesn't always work either.

Apple remembers it, but spammers know that subtle changes, changes that we are unlikely to notice or see, can make the difference in whether or not a spam checker will trigger on it or not. They have lots of smart well paid people working on how to get around spam checkers. Mail with the help of SpamSeive gets rid of a few hundred emails I get every day and best of all with few false positives. That only leaves me with maybe 50 or 60 spam messages — mostly from political candidates.

Originally Posted by plantsower
Hmmm. I didn't know Firefox and Google were in cahoots. I like to stay as far away from Google as I can. Oh well. I also didn't know my email providers read my emails though I shouldn't be surprised. Nothing is sacred.

I ran across that a week or so back, from a reliable web site. But, it does make sense.
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Re: Messages all send faiilures/ not delivered joemikeb 12/08/21 11:40 PM
Originally Posted by kevs
Thanks guys, this is not with iphone, I'm sending business text via messages on laptop, on Monterey.

Six of one half a dozen of the other

Originally Posted by keys
Just reading that article, how on Monterrey do you see all options on sending are being utilized, ie iMessages …

The routing is handled by Apple's Message servers not in your Mac or iPhone.

If the TO address is a telephone number or email address that is associated with an Apple ID, when you hit send…
  1. Your device sends the message via the internet to Apple's Message server(s).
  2. the message servers will acknowledge receipt of the message along with an indiction the recipient has a Apple message account
  3. your device will display a blue bubble around the message text
  4. the Message servers will attempt to send the message to the recipient via the internet
  5. when Apple's Message server gets a receipt from the recipient's device that will reported to your device and you will get the delivered notice
  6. when your recipient opens the message you will get the read notice via the same system
  7. if Apple's Message servers are unable to get a receipt from the destination's Apple device then they will attempt to send the message via SMS but because there is no provision for acknowledging receipt or opening of a message in the SMS protocol there is no received or read report.

If the number is NOT associated with an Apple ID...
  1. Your device sends the message via the internet to Apple's Message server(s).
  2. the message servers will acknowledge receipt of the message to your device
  3. as there is no indiction the address is associated with an Apple ID your device will display a green bubble around the message text.
  4. Apple's Message servers will send the message via SMS but because there is no provision for acknowledging receipt or opening of a message in the SMS protocol there is no received or read report and the message goes into the proverbial but-bucket without your knowledge or ability to determine.

  • The fact that a telephone number is associated with an Apple-ID is not stored on your device.
  • The network switching from internet to telco used by Message is behind the ability to make or receive telephone calls on your Mac or other Apple device that does not have
  • SMS and MMS are very primitive protocols developed for use with telephone devices but because they were so widely accepted they have a lot of developmental inertia so if you send a text message to a non-sms capable device it may show up as with a green bubble, but it really doesn't go anywhere except the bit-bucket.
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suspicious package app jchuzi 12/08/21 11:38 PM
Suspicious Package has received many laudatory ratings. Does anyone have experience with it?
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Re: tweaking Notifications to show anniversaries ryck 12/08/21 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by Ira L
For anniversaries you could include in the original description the year of the marriage/event.
Yes...or in the "Notes" where you can also have other pertinent details. e.g. Uncle Ernie got drunk as a skunk.
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Untangling USB joemikeb 12/07/21 03:07 PM
This TidBits article on USB standards — and dangers — may help explain some of the inexplicable connection problems you run into. It doesn't necessarily solve the problems, but it may explain why they are happening.
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Apple is not totally benign jchuzi 12/04/21 06:24 PM
Apple hourly workers feel helpless under punishing pressure & mistreatment Apple may try to appear to be a benign company but there seem to be some dissenting opinions.
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Re: download older OSs joemikeb 12/04/21 04:50 PM
I know I sound like a stuck record, but have you tried creating an external boot drive installer yet? It doesn’t have to be a thumb drive, but that is the most convenient media and because you are booted from a very stripped down version of macOS it neatly avoids most version errors. How to create a bootable installer for macOS.
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Re: Apple Mail-Deletes from 2 places at once ryck 12/03/21 12:42 AM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
..make me even more suspicious the change in behavior is due to changes made to your mail service provider's IMAP server software
Okay, so stop worrying that I removed something I should have left in....and stop worrying about any re-installs. Sounds good to me.
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Re: Incoming call Badge nuisance Ira L 12/02/21 06:10 PM
I did a cursory look through Settings and Accessibility and did not see anything obvious that allows this to be modified. But someone else may find something?
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Re: Apple Calendar plantsower 12/01/21 02:28 AM
Well,l I attempted to log out and it asked if I wanted to quit all applications. So, yes, I guess I will lose my tabs once again if I do that. mad

Originally Posted by jchuzi
Sometimes, logging out/in can be as effective as a restart. I don't know if you'll lose your active tabs, however.
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Re: Kernel Panic Douglas 12/01/21 01:38 AM
I hesitate to declare success but I haven't had a kernel panic, 'restart'. since I deleted the printer in System Preference and re-added it yesterday. Interestingly, the first time I re-added the printer I did not have the 2 sided printing option so I deleted and re-added the printer again and 2 sided printing is back as an option.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice/solutions, greatly appreciated.
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Re: Changing Apple ID plantsower 11/29/21 07:15 PM
Oh BTW, I did use Apple Instructions when I changed my ID, but I still had the problems I told you about. smile I looked up the Apple Instructions link you gave me and yes, I had been there.

Originally Posted by plantsower
Thanks, Joe. Maybe it just takes time. When I looked at the page that was still showing my old Apple ID, it finally changed. Of course then I had problems with my phone linking to my computer for texts but I think that finally got fixed by me. Calling Apple costs money. I don't have AppleCare anymore. frown Thanks for all the time you took to find the info for me.

Originally Posted by joemikeb
I started to answer your question and realized there are several subsidiary issues such as devices linked to your Apple ID by "Find My…" So rather than risk my re-inventing the wheel, overlooking something, and risk getting you all messed up, I looked up Apple's instructions which has multiple links to other related instruction sets. My recommendation is to go through Apple's instructions, including all of the linked documents, and be sure you have carefully carried out each of them. If, at the end of that, you still have your old Apple ID showing, contact Apple Support as recommended in the instructions.
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Re: Message Effects plantsower 11/28/21 07:18 PM
Right. But the weird thing was when the effects showed up and I picked one, there was no send button or arrow to click on! That's why I was at a loss and had no idea the video had actually been sent.

Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by plantsower
Thanks, Joe. I had read that somewhere else, but it didn't seem to work.

Probably here. NOTE: you can view the various effects without sending them and just because you send them not every smart phone is capable if displaying them. Sending a message with an effect requires three steps…
  1. long press the send arrow to activate effects
  2. select the desired effect (Bubble or screen)
  3. tap the send arrow to actually send the message and the chosen effect
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Re: Transferring analog audio to iMac artie505 11/27/21 09:26 AM
Originally Posted by freelance
Originally Posted by artie505
I looked at Amadeus, but it seemed like it would have been redundant.
I use Audio Hijack to record the source, usually tunes from the internet. Then I open the file in Amadeus Pro and chop it into tracks. You can save the new files in any number of formats, any kind of quality.

I like to record Wally Whyton's Country Music Hour (now Bob Harris) from the BBC. Chop out the tracks that I like and create hi-res mp3 files for the car. If the announcer talks over the end of the track, you can chop it at the voiceover, then create a gradual fade out for, say, five seconds. I find Amadeus really useful. I think if you want to edit tracks in Audio Hijack, you have to buy their Fission app.
I went for the AHP/Fission package because AHP has got the wonderful feature that allows recording from multiple sources at the same time. I can record a stream on Safari, another on Firefox, a piece from Amazon music, the conversation in my room, et al, all at once.

I'm with you on country music for driving! smile
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Re: What?!!! ryck 11/26/21 01:27 AM
Originally Posted by jchuzi
Heres's another chapter in the infinite use of Republicans and chutzpah: Rep. Greene introduces bill to awar...le Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two men
It's in line with the rest of the sicko-wacko members of the Ex-President Bonespur Cult. A bunch of House Republicans are pushing the idea of Rittenhouse being a Congressional Intern, and the head of the cult has welcomed Rittenhouse to his home in Florida, calling him "A really good young guy."
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Re: Temporary black screen on booting joemikeb 11/23/21 11:57 PM
The Genius Bar has a more extensive set of tests they can run. Be aware that since your problem is intermittent, they would probably want to keep your iMac at least over night for thorough testing.

If this is happening after a cold boot and your iMac has a fusion drive my suspicion would be the had drive portion of the fusion drive is getting a little slow to spin up which is par for the course with rotating rust. If you have an appropriate version of Micromat's TechTool Pro or Drive Scope the detailed S.M.A.R.T. attributes MIGHT yield more information about the expected long term health of your drive.

If this is happening after your iMac has been asleep (not powered down) in System Preferences > Energy Saver try setting;
  • Prevent your Mac from automatically sleeping when the display sleeps to ON
  • Put hard disk to sleep whenever possible to OFF
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Re: And you thought Google was bad jchuzi 11/21/21 11:55 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
The world is becoming an unfriendly place for non-cell phone owners!
Amen to that! mad
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Re: LIbreWolf anyone? joemikeb 11/20/21 01:02 AM
Depends on what you want. This treatise discusses a number of secure browsers including Librewolf. I also found this How To Geek article on why you should not use any Firefox forks. If you are really searching for a new browser this Source Forge chart compares four competitors and lists these alternatives to Librewolf.
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Re: Hardrives now loading on opposite side of desktop kevs 11/18/21 07:11 PM
Thanks guys maybe I put them to the left know can't remember, maybe because screenshots go to right?
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Re: Is Safari Last Hope for Web Privacy? David 11/18/21 05:35 AM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Sites that do NOT use Google cookies are rare, if for no other reason than it helps the site get higher placement on Google searches.

And another reason: Google offers "free" site visitor analytics to webmasters and that also places Google cookies in every site that uses their "free" analytics.
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Re: Do it yourself!!! :) David 11/18/21 05:33 AM
Originally Posted by dkmarsh
I'm guessing they're trying to gain back some of the dollars third-party repair folks are raking in, replacing batteries and screens for way less than Apple charges.

That was my take also. Magnuson-Moss requires them to accept non-OEM parts. Selling OEM parts to independent repair shops opens up another channel of revenue for Apple, and will surely take business away from the existing aftermarket parts suppliers.
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Re: iPhone SE(s) not sending or receiving calls ryck 11/17/21 04:52 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
....see if iOS 15.1 is offered — it should be. If it is, there is no reason not to go ahead and install it and the upgrade is recommended. Who knows, it might correct the error that is causing your problem.
OS 15.1 now installed on both phones and the problem has gone away. However, it was not due to the OS update. The carrier advised that, because of very high winds on the lower mainland due to extreme weather, some of their cell towers were damaged and they were experiencing network outages.
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Re: Bird identifier jaybass 11/17/21 03:43 PM
I did find that the bird apps were geared toward iOS and iPadOS with he exception of one which required OS10.15


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Re: Ad astra: another passing. David 11/15/21 04:36 AM
The checkered flag has waved again, this time for Bob Bondurant. A driver for Carroll Shelby and owner of one of the best driving schools.
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Re: Every Apple Desktop back to System 8 artie505 11/15/21 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
I use the Aeriel screensaver that uses the same high resolution animated images Apple uses in the Apple TV screensaver. Some of those are stunningly 3D on a 4K monitor and I wish I could capture some of those of a desktop.
command-shift-3 captures my screensaver as a .png which can be used as a desktop. Is that what you mean?
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