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Re: TeamViewer joemikeb 01/21/21 09:35 PM
That is a form of ransomeware, you call them and they charge you a few hundred dollars to pretend to disinfect your computer. It is a scam and personally I would treat it the same way I treat COVID-19 or an IED. TeamViewer is a legitimate product, but that the h3!! do you need it for? All of this has absolutely nothing to do with Safari, or any other browser. It has to do with web sites you are visiting or perhaps a site you may have visited in the past that left something distasteful on your system. If you don't have a reliable anti-malware app running on your computer you should get one. I use the "Pro" version of [url-]MalwareBytes[/url] because it is effective and unobtrusive, but there are a number of other anti-virus, anti-adware, apps listed in the App Store. NOTE: All of the really effective ones require an annual subscription to keep their detection mechanisms up to date.
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Re: The thread formerly known as: Maybe 45 ... artie505 01/21/21 08:40 PM
Originally Posted by jchuzi
Originally Posted by ryck
Originally Posted by artie505
I think ‘A Total Failure’: The Proud Boys Now Mock Trump is more notable, as it's more reflective of his base.
And it certainly gives Trump something to think about. He has betrayed his following and skipped town with hundreds of thousands of their dollars....and is now lounging in Florida. While he lays around the pool, large ticked-off and armed-to-the-teeth groups could be thinking about evening the score.
If only... tongue
Now, now, that's a regression to the original title of this thread, along the lines of my having hoped for a 22-gun salute. shocked

Actually, having him around to prevent people like Pompeo and Cruz, in particular, from mounting cohesive 2024 campaigns is an appealing idea, provided, of course, that he merely muddles the mix, but doesn't run.
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Re: Coronavirus information: assorted web links artie505 01/21/21 08:03 PM
I've got no idea what's going on in NYC.

Early on in the pandemic I got at least one robo-call a week from the NYC Health Department - even got one from a live person - but that ended when things lightened up, and I haven't heard so much as a peep out of them since then, even since the surge began.

I know that my dentist got his first shot on Monday, and I know nothing more about vaccinations than that.
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Re: camera raw freelance 01/21/21 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by jaybass
Thanks for the heads up.
You're welcome.

Because it is a sophisticated product, there is (unfortunately) a learning curve. Some, but not all, of the key commands are the same as Photoshop. There are good instruction videos on Affinity's website.

I still have a copy of Photoshop CS 5.5 on my old Mac Pro, which I had to fall back on to do my Christmas card, but I can manage most things in Affinity Photo now. I have Affinity Designer and Publisher, as well. £75 for a lifetime license to replace Adobe CS is a bargain. I'm not convinced it's as good, but I don't need it as a work tool anymore.
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Re: M1 Surprises 🤹🏼 jchuzi 01/18/21 08:06 PM
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Re: Ad astra: another passing. ryck 01/18/21 01:02 AM
Phil Spector who rose to the top as a record producer but died in jail, a convicted murderer.
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Re: Safari Networking CPU Usage ryck 01/17/21 08:08 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
Do you ever quit Safari or shut down your iMac?
Originally Posted by jchuzi
I rarely quit Safari but I do shut down at the end of each day.
I am also Safari 14.0.2 and use the NYT site without issue. I often quit and restart Safari (e.g. before going to a financial site in order to clear unwanted cookies) but I seldom shut down my iMac. At the end of day I log out, which quits all applications first.
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Re: Sound sent Mail on iphone joemikeb 01/17/21 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by keys
But do like the sound when I send... Possible?

Maybe with another email app, but as far as I know in Mail it is all or nothing.
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Re: How Things Have Changed alternaut 01/16/21 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by MartyByrde
Having the ability to use 2 5 1/4" disks was the bomb!
That particular bomb blew up the (in)famous disk shuffle with copying, as did the external 3.5" drives for those Macs that only had one! tongue
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Re: Facebook strong-arming WhatsApp users ryck 01/14/21 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
So who needs WhatsApp?
Not me. In fact, I find that I am able to get through life quite adequately without any social media app.
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Re: After Big Sur, which number? joemikeb 01/14/21 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by jchuzi
Don't you mean macOS 12? I understand superstitions about the number 13 but I have never heard of dodecaphobia! grin
Okay so I skipped from 2020 directly to 2022. The way this one is starting out, I may want to forget it.
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Re: 100% unread posts artie505 01/12/21 01:56 AM
Thanks, Jon. I'll give t a try.

I've never had this problem before Safari 14, which I've learned to hate.
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Re: FTM Dashboard widget artie505 01/09/21 10:03 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Speaking only for myself, there are still a significant number of users on FineTunedMac who are using older macOS versions that can use the FTM Dashboard Widget so I would say leave it up.
Oops! You're of course correct. blush
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Re: M1 Thunderbolt 4 Wierdness joemikeb 12/29/20 08:26 PM

The only remaining issues I have with macOS 11 and the M1 Macs are:
  1. Apple has yet to release a version of their ASR (Apple Software Restore) command line utility that works with the M1 macs and until that happens there will be no way to clone a bootable system.
  2. SoftRAID still refuses to mount my Thunderbolt 2 Thunderbay mini array. I have been working with OWC (SoftRAID) on this. I would believe it to be something unique to my system, but I have a friend with exactly the same hardware configuration who is having the identical issue. (The year end holidays have temporarily suspended further work on the issue.)
  3. There has been an annoying Bluetooth connectivity issue effecting my Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, Apple Watch (unlock apps and the Mac itself), and HomePOD.

I can certainly live without the ability to clone my system, so that is not a significant issue, but it would be in my nice to have category. One reason cloning is not a big issue for me is I rely on Time Machine to keep my system backups current and my RAID array is a key factor to that so I really would like to have it back up and running. I have looked for an adequate replacement but everything I have found that I feel should be satisfactory would cost more than my computer. (Admittedly I am pretty anal about backups and backup systems.) As tp the bluetooth connectivity issue, the last beta of macOS 11.2 appears to have solved that issue.


My experience leads me to conclude Apple is still optimizing macOS 11 for the M1 Macs, but that optimization is progressing very rapidly. The changes are subtle but in total they are enough to be noticeable. The only way I can describe it is everything is becoming smoother and more fluid.
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Re: MacBook Pro recall artie505 12/29/20 09:27 AM
I don't remember having had any issues other than the bulging battery, but over the years, I've read any number of posts by users who've experienced issues that resulted from bulging batteries putting pressure on other components, so it's altogether possible that your video issue is related.
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Re: Disable all passwords temporarily Bob_00001 12/29/20 06:16 AM
Originally Posted by ryck
Originally Posted by Bob_00001
Safari, seems to be mostly secure now, although it still remembers my bank card number, which is somewhat disturbing, but it doesn't remember the password.
The fact that Safari remembers anything about something as personal as banking is indeed disturbing. How do you know that it does that?

When I go to my bank's login page, Safari enters the card number. I suspect that safari doesn't actually know that it's my bank card number. My bank's website uses my card number as my sign-in account number, making the bank at least partly to blame. So, when I go to my bank's website, Safari probably just thinks it's auto-entering a user name. I doubt that anyone could do very much with the number, because it's a chip card, and would still need a PIN number to go with it. I'll check the other suggestions about removing credit card numbers and see if that works.

I could probably just remove Safari from my computer altogether, considering that I hardly ever use it. Ever since Firefox brought out its major upgrade a few years ago, I've been very happy with it, and have only used Safari on extremely rare occasions when I encounter a cantankerous website.

BTW, the one drawback of setting the KA password different from the login password is that now when I log in, I get hit with a barrage of requests from various system utilities that want to access the keychain.
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Re: Macbook Pro firmware MacManiac 12/28/20 03:48 PM
Aw, that's nuttin'....for me it's nearly three hours away! (Probably the same store.....)
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Funny? Maybe, maybe not. jchuzi 12/27/20 06:37 PM
I don't know if this is humor, but look at Dave Barry’s Year in Review 2020
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Re: EasyFind joemikeb 12/27/20 03:12 PM
The publisher of EasyFind is DEVONtechnologies (on their website look for EasyFind among their "Needful Things") and the current version there is 5.0.1
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Re: Itunes/ Music weird behavior question- artie505 12/25/20 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by tacit
Here's a hint: You can click the file and hit the space bar to listen to it in Quick Look.
That works if you're dedicated to listening, but it's vulnerable to multi-tasking.

If the mp3 is on your desktop, doing anything Finder related will change QuickLook's focus, and you'll have lost your place when you get back to it.

And further, QuickLook can't play through external speakers.

There's actually no easy answer to kevs's question if he wants to listen to the mp3 only once and not save it. Changing "Open with" actually requires more effort than either deleting the file from Music/iTunes or using QuickTime Player and is efficient only if the mp3 is being saved.
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Re: Big Sur?? artie505 12/24/20 09:30 AM
Originally Posted by MartyByrde
...there are a number of third party apps where one is forced to use the App store for either initial download/installation, or updates. Sometimes, though, some of them have an alternate way to getting either the app or an update.
I d/l directly from developers when it's possible, but when I must deal with updates pushed through by the App Store I immediately do a control-click > Compress... on the updated version so I've got a backup "installer."
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