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Re: Where are File folders on iPhone? joemikeb 09/18/21 04:31 PM
There is no provision in iOS/iPadOS for having files and folders on the desktop. The only things that can be on the iOS/iPadOS desktop are…
  • the desktop picture
  • App icons
  • and Widgets (which are special cases of apps)

NOTE: The Desktop as we know it in macOS is a special type of folder and a creature of the Finder app. There is no provision in iOS/iPadOS for folders per. se. on the iPhone or iPad. Although iOS/iPadOS can access iCloud folders. Apps on the IPhone or iPad are sandboxed to the point any data files are actually encapsulated within the app or moved to the user's iCloud account. Files has some of the functionality of macOS' Finder and Preview. It can access files in iOS/iPadOS apps and on iCloud it can only show the contents of text, pdf, and graphics files and cannot launch an app to manipulate the file in any way.

I suspect ryck's wife has the Files app on her desktop and since the icon for Files is a white rectangle with a blue folder it would be easy to confuse with its being an actual folder instead of an app. Files has two different view options, Recents and Browse. and in the Recents view you will see all of the files that have been recently downloaded onto the device, no matter what app they were downloaded into. this is workable but it is not like having a folder and files on the macOS desktop. Given the "Passport" is an image, it might be preferable to download it into Photos where there are more options for control and management of the image. Alternatively it could be placed in a folder on iCloud and Files can reliably find and open it there. (Keep watching Wallet. It can handle a number of different apps and official documents in addition to credit cards and Apple is vigorously working with legal jurisdictions at accept Wallet images as official documents.)
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Re: Wind turbines go to sea joemikeb 09/18/21 03:23 PM
I am a fan of wind and solar power and this looks interesting. My question is how well would this stand up against the ever more frequent hurricanes in the gulf of Mexico? From what we have seen in Louisianna recently, land based transmission lines and power plants are no match for hurricane winds and rain.
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Re: urgent security update artie505 09/16/21 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by Ira L
I don't know what to tell you except their own web site says download version 2.14 and they provide detailed instructions here. Doesn't cost anything to try.
Here's the answer...
Here's how to detect Pegasus and other spyware using iMazing's spyware detection tool:

Launch iMazing on your Mac or PC and connect your iPhone or iPad via USB.
It works only for iDevices, but it's got to be run from your Mac, hence the macOS requirement, but I'm still not clear on the conflicting dates.
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Re: Default Browser plantsower 09/15/21 06:28 PM
That worked!! I never would have thought of that as I thought when I used a certain browser as a default everything would respond to that. Thanks.

Originally Posted by artie505
Hi, Rita,

If you do a Get Info on your d/l it will probably show Safari as default "Open with," and if so, just change it to STP, and you'll probably want to click on "Change All...."
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Re: The Monterey Report Beta 5 joemikeb 09/15/21 12:41 PM
iOS and iPadOS 15 Gold Masters are out, macOS still stuck at beta??? 🤷‍♂️
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Re: Edited posts Ira L 09/13/21 06:00 PM
I agree that for changes of style, grammar, etc. checking the "Edited" box should not be necessary/required.
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Re: 24" iMac joemikeb 09/12/21 08:41 PM
Originally Posted by ryck
[quote=MG2009].....except I'd hate to buy an M1 chip when an M2 could be just around the corner (who's indecisive?).
But just think what the M3 will have to offer when it comes put. It is bound to be at least in the preliminary design stage. laugh
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Re: FTM cookies expiring artie505 09/12/21 04:57 PM
Originally Posted by Ira L
For me at least, the "before ID entry" is no longer the case. I can check that box at any time during the log in process. It used to be the way you describe, but it seems to have been modified.
I'm running 10.15.7, and I just tried logging in your way. Let's see.
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Re: Keyboard and Bluetooth Connections MG2009 09/11/21 06:55 PM

Be sure to Turn your mouse and keyboard on BEFORE you boot your computer so they can be seen at the most opportune moment in the boot process.

That did the trick. I just wasn't waiting long enough.

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Re: iphone / message glitchdon’t don’t joemikeb 09/11/21 04:46 PM
You are correct: Cardhop, and Fantastical for that matter, are not "plug-ins". Cardhop is an alternate front end application for the Contacts database and Fantastical is an alternate front end application for the Calendar and Reminders databases and can show Weather data as well. In that way the connections between those databases and Mail, Messages, Phone, FaceTime, Maps remain unaffected and any change made in Cardhop appears in Contacts and vice-versa. On the other hand Cardhop can establish, recognize, and display relationship information that is not available in Contacts.
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Does your Amazon driver grin a lot? ryck 09/11/21 09:03 AM
Amazon has been urging it's delivery contractors to stop screening potential employees for marijuana use. Hmmmm...I wonder if that explains why I've had a couple of deliveries never show up.
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Re: Email & Spam Douglas 09/09/21 09:25 PM
Thank you, that gave me the owner of the IP address and ISP. I have contacted the ISP.
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Re: sync folder pro? joemikeb 09/09/21 07:06 PM
CarbonCopyCloner and SuperDuper both create perfectly acceptable external bootable clones of Big Sur and Monterey using Apple's own cloning utility and it is possible to "refresh" the data volume on one of those clones using CCC and probably SD as well. But there is a significant caveat that is true for any bootable external drive in either macOS 11 or 12 whether it was created by Apple's cloning utility or by the macOS installer. There is a tiny partition/volume (Disk0s1) on the internal SDD/HDD that is required in order to initiate the boot process from any drive whether it be internal or external. (I cannot verify this, but I also believe that volume MUST be on the internal drive in order to work.) So external drives will not and cannot boot without this partition on the internal drive and therefore are not true clones in the sense of clones in macOS 10.x.

The Disk0s1 partition is NOT created by the installer, it is encrypted and, at least theoretically, cannot be copied. The only way to create that partition is to connect the target Mac to another Mac running Apple Configurator 2 and run the appropriate install package from there. I have tried that and it isn't as easy as it sounds. (On an M1 MBP it takes three or four hands and a timer to initiate the connection 😳)

If SyncFoldersPro has figured a way around that it would indicate a vulnerability in the system and I would be reasonably certain Apple would take immediate steps to patch that vulnerability.

ADDENDUM: After viewing the web site and watching the videos, without investing $$ in the Pro+ version of SyncFoldersPro I don't see that SyncFoldersPro offers anything that is not available in CarbonCopyCloner or SD other than some catchy promotional videos and a different, perhaps glitzier, GUI. Because of the same issues Mike Bombich and David Nanian ran into, I strongly suspect SFP is using Apple's cloning tool just like the competition and is subject to the same limitations. That is an observation not a critique.

Speaking of Apple's cloning tool Mike Bombich refers to it as Apple's "legacy" cloning tool which leads me to wonder if Apple officially considers it "legacy" which means available but no longer supported. If that is the case clones per. se. could become a passing memory in a future macOS upgrade or when Apple drops Rosetta?
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Re: Virus Protection joemikeb 09/06/21 06:02 PM
Originally Posted by Ira L
For the comparatively minimal cost, the subscription adds another level of peace of mind. Just sayin'. 

Originally Posted by artie505
Genericizing your analysis of the relatively recent XProtect/MalwareBytes situation makes it sound much like past analyses of the longstanding macOS/TechTool Pro situation, and you haven't weaned yourself off of TTP yet (although you've suggested that it's coming with the next paid upgrade).

Since "Premium" is ambiguous, I don't know what your MBP renewal will cost, but if it's cheap enough, you may best serve yourself by being consistent with your caution and weaning yourself off of it rather than going cold turkey.


  • Actually TTP has gone the way of many apps over the years that have outlived their usefulness. I deleted it when it would not run on Monterey and for the life of me I can think of no reason to pay for another upgrade. The only feature I have used or paid any attention to in years is TTP's ability to show the complete S.M.A.R.T. report with all the values for HDs and the equivalent NVME reports for SSDs and Drive Scope does that equally well.*¹
  • The Premium in MalwareBytes Premium means regular, even daily, signature updates and automatic scanning anywhere from every three hours to weekly intervals as opposed to manual scanning in the free version. Ultimate is MalwareBytes Premium plus VPN.*²
  • A single Premium subscription is nominally $3.33 per month.*³

Thanks for the input! Both of you have confirmed my inclination, but I still have not made up my mind. XProtect appears to have the most likely vulnerabilities covered but, like MalwareBytes, it can only detect KNOWN malware signatures so there may be value in double-checking using different signature databases. I have some time left on the MalwareBytes for Mac subscription so I don't have to make a decision until sometime next month so I am going to postpone the decision on whether or not to renew the subscription and se how I feel then. (It took at least three releases and >$150 in upgrade costs with no real benefit to give up TechTool Pro). The fundamental problem is not MalwareBytes, it is the number of subscriptions and the total cost just keeps going up.


  1. TTP 14.X is the only Micromat product certified for use on Apple Silicon although Drive Scope does work.
  2. Actually with Apple Pay, and logon with Apple combined with Private Relay and Hide My Email in Monterey there don't seem to be much need for a VPN. (Even if you were dealing with highly sensitive information and/or we're in an area with repressive internet regulation onion routing and a compatible browser like Brave or TOR would be a better alternative and Onion Routing is Open Source.)
  3. Paid annually so it is a one time hit of $39.96 + TTL.
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Re: New laptop, have give password to restart? kevs 09/02/21 12:59 AM
Joe, thanks I'll probably then just use mouse to restart and shut down.

But the option hold down while rebooting or shift, I don't know by heart, does not do the select volume trick as on imac?

BTW Joe: I've known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened. Mark Twain
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Re: Quicken purchase query joemikeb 08/30/21 05:00 PM
Actually I thought about Excel and it does things that are beyond Numbers ability, but Microsoft would withdraw support for it at any moment and it isn't free. But it is unquestionably a very viable alternative.

NOTE: I may not be an old leopard but maybe an old jaguar (jaguars are native to Texas) and I worked for Microsoft for two years training their tech support engineers and have since assiduously avoided Microsoft software. But then I have always been a contrarian by nature.
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Re: Ad astra: another passing. artie505 08/29/21 09:20 PM
He was the voice of the sleazy rich guy in "The Boondocks" creepily well done that listening to him was really disconcerting.

The character even looked just like him, which I found odd.
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Re: It's past time to dump Facebook joemikeb 08/27/21 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by grelber
Re thread title —

If anyone didn't know that from Day One, then apply the following algorithm: Turn the ultimate letter in the penultimate word of the title upside-down. crazy

Well done!

I have always taken pride in my vocabulary but I have to admit resorting to Dictionary to get that one.
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Re: Finder Problem plantsower 08/23/21 09:13 PM
Thanks, Joe!

Originally Posted by joemikeb
If the apps are from the App Store they are "sandboxed" which means everything is encapsulated in the application package. Apple's recommended procedure for deleting them is...
  1. Find the app in LaunchPad
  2. Click and hold until the icon begins to shake and a circle with an X appears at the top left of the app icon
  3. Click on the circled X
  4. When prompted click on Delete

That is all that is required.
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Re: Download Folder joemikeb 08/22/21 01:17 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
Y'all guys are way more "needy" than I am. tongue

Between Butler for launching and its other functionality, and Breeze for window control, I never find myself craving more.

Keyboard Maestro does sound fascinating, though, and I'll certainly keep it in mind against possible future need.

FYI Keyboard Maestro offers a free trial. You may find you are needier than you think. 😜
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