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Re: Catalina to Monterey joemikeb 05/23/22 10:19 PM
Based on my experience and others, my recommendation would be to make the jump all the way to Monterey. Big Sur is mostly a place holder until Monterey was ready. Monterey is arguably on of the most significant upgrades since OS X.
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Re: the bottomless barrel artie505 05/23/22 09:13 PM
You can sign up for a free membership, but it doesn't get you many free looks.
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Re: Every Apple Desktop back to System 8 MG2009 05/23/22 08:54 PM
FWIW: The MACSTUDIO link in the OP no longer functions.
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Re: Deleting texts on iPhone deletes on Mac too plantsower 05/23/22 05:12 PM
You mean your's doesn't look like this on the Mac? Messages Prefs on Mac

Originally Posted by Ira L
Originally Posted by plantsower
Thanks, Ira. I ended up going to Messages Prefs on my Mac and unchecking "enable messages in iCloud" and that took care of it!

That's interesting and I'm glad it worked for you because on my Mac in Messages>Preferences I do not have any settings related to iCloud that I can turn off (or on).
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Re: Word Unstable joemikeb 05/23/22 12:51 AM
Originally Posted by kevs
Thanks Joe, well when I do save and that test everything is ok, so you say don't bother then with unistall? reinstall

If you pass all the tests, I would imply Word is working correctly and there is something else wrong. Although uninstall and reinstall cannot hurt.

Originally Posted by keys
But if I were to later do that, what do I reinstall from. can't remember now last Word, I think bought one last standalones. my guess office 2019, I have pass key, not sure I have install package.

Under the circumstances and given how much you depend on Word, it might be worth installing the latest version of Word, even if you have to pay for it. Alternatively you could try another word processor that can import and export .docx compatible files, and is considerably less expensive, such as Pages, Mellel 5, Nisus Writer Pro, or NeoOffice

Originally Posted by keys
BTW, version I have is in about, 16. 61 what is that?

I have no idea as I have not used word since the early '90s.

Originally Posted by keys
For confusion for uninstall sakes Microsoft site refers to version in very different manner, like 10, or 11 or? confusing. Would not know what to choose.

If you are referring to Microsoft's uninstall instructions, I believe that is referring to the version of macOS not the version of Word.

Originally Posted by keys
And then your uninstalling Excel too? I think word styles would be gone right? and some other things.

Any change from the default Styles are stored in your templates and document files, not in the executable code.
NEW IDEA: repeat the tests using different, preferably unmodified, starting templates as well as your normal document template to eliminate the template as a possible source of the problem.

Originally Posted by leys
But you say don't bother.. if open word doc and type, save, type save, type save and it look ok no need for uninstall, install?

Obviously there is something going on but it may, or may not, be in Word itself. The tests I suggested are intended to indicate whether or not Word is the source of the problem, and if not indicate a possible solution space. If you go to Microsoft per se. for help it is highly likely they will recommend uninstall and reinstall simply because it is a quick and easy fix that often works and gets their technician off the phone as quickly as possible thereby reducing Microsoft's support costs. If you have already performed the reinstal, and it didn't work, you are one step closer to a solution.
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Re: Cleaning your display MG2009 05/21/22 06:02 PM
The imagination just runs wild!
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Re: Messages, weird spelling thing joemikeb 05/20/22 12:37 AM
Originally Posted by Ira L
I do think the choices, are lack of them, depends on the word that is mistyped. I have noticed that behavior in my typings.

Agreed, and it is also a function of the currently active Dictionary, or Dictionaries, (see Dictionary > Preferences) and User Dictionary contents.
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Re: Email deleting from 2 places ryck 05/19/22 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
Try hitting command-shift-I instead. It opens up a new email with the URL in the body.
Thank you. I’ll give that method a try and, if it works, I’ll boogie on blissfully. Or….
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Deleting the Inbox copy when the sent copy is deleted is a function of the SMTP server and therefore beyond control of the user. Your gimmick is therefore unreliable and you need to figure out a better method.
….or, I’ll try this. Instead of using email to hang onto links for future reference, I’ll set up a new “temporary use” bookmarks folder in Safari and store links there.

Either way. it looks like I have a solution. Thanks both for your time and thoughts…they are appreciated.
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Re: Removing ALL Colour Tags AT ONCE MG2009 05/18/22 07:31 PM
Thanks for trying Ira and Artie.

I am aware of the process you suggested, Ira. That is simiar to what I was doing until I got to thinking there MUST be a simpler way to do this in one shot. Several years ago I had attached different colours and images to folders, but later wanted to return everything to the OSX "blue" (factory) jobbies and just use the "tags". That procedure required CONSOLE and coding to revert all folders back to BLUE. I was hoping the same kind of thing could be done to get rid of the tags. Boo-Hiss.

P.S. By "desktop", Artie, I meant desktop computer (i.e. iMAC).
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Re: Autofill plantsower 05/18/22 06:10 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
Originally Posted by plantsower
I'm including myself in that free dinner as I started this thread which somehow morphed into another topic!
Originally Posted by joemikeb
If I am ever in New York, I will take you up on the offer of a meal! cool
Looking forward to meeting both of you in person!
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Re: macOS 12.4, iOS 15.5, WatchOS 8.6 Released artie505 05/18/22 12:09 PM
The immediately obvious result of the update is that the American flag that used to be in in my menu bar has changed to an ugly black box with "US" in the middle. frown
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Re: Total Video Downloader anyone? jaybass 05/17/22 03:34 PM

I haven't used Total Video Downloader but I use Wondershare UniConverter which bought out iSkysoft Video Converter.

This is a comprehensive app which does just about anything...for a price. Really good apps are not free.

I would recommend it to anyone.

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Re: Can't dictate on iPhone joemikeb 05/15/22 09:19 PM
Originally Posted by plantsower
I took a photo and then went into Photos, clicked on share and then messages. The message had the picture in it ready to go. I filled in the address and hit "return" so I could dictate the message. That didn't work so I typed it in. This has happened lots of times before, I just don't do it that often, so didn't think to ask about it.

After I read this I tried once again and this time Dictate refused to respond when I tapped the icon. shocked After several attempts, I resorted to the universal fix and rebooted my iPhone. Dictate worked perfectly after that. confused Not a fix, but at least a workaround. In the meantime, I submitted Feedback to Apple.

Originally Posted by plantsower

As shown under my original message, I have an iPhone 7, version 14.1.

Sorry I missed that before. This is the kind of issue that gives developers gray hair which is probably why it is still around in iOS 15.5. If they can't replicate it, how do they know what to fix?
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Re: Blue tooth Disconnects from iPhone plantsower 05/14/22 11:30 PM
It's been awhile but thought I'd tell you I rebooted my phone and bluetooth is working steadily now. I had to do it twice a few days apart, but it's been good for a nice while.

Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by plantsower
It works fine that way unless I amp up the volume and then it just keeps disconnecting.

It would not surprise me that a teardown of your speaker would find a faulty solder joint or some other similar internal connection that either is not carrying the load at high volume levels. That could be repairable, but at today's labor rates, a new speaker would cost a LOT less.
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Re: Cougar kittens murdered jchuzi 05/13/22 11:10 PM
Hunting for trophies is beyond my understanding. I have no problem if the hunter either needs food or has to kill to protect himself and his family. But, as far as I'm concerned, there is no excuse for this sort of thing (and I'm not restricting it to babies!).
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Re: Ad astra: another passing. ryck 05/13/22 06:49 AM
The U.S. has reached a dreadful milestone, 1,000,000 dead from Covid.
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Re: Disgusting products on Amazon Ira L 05/11/22 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by ryck
Separate from questions about the inadequacy of technology to provide proper safeguards, a more pertinent question is: What kind of parent would dress a child in this crap?

Perhaps the same parent who believes COVID vaccinations can cause AIDS or that Georgia election poll workers fraudulently altered presidential ballots in 2020. There is no accounting for what people will accept as "OK".
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Re: WWDC 2022 joemikeb 05/11/22 04:52 PM
I will start it off:

Changes or new features... (in no particular order):
  • Apple has long been trending toward synchronizing the OS version numbers. For the same of simplicity, if nothing else, the next releases of macOS, iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, and TVOS would all have the same version number.
  • The next macOS would have the ability for kernel extensions to run in the user rather than system space. This would permit running kernel extensions with full SIP or Volume Protection enabled for increased security.
  • Support for encryption of iCloud data
  • The ability to lease iCloud disk space in smaller, say 256GB, increments up to 4TB.
  • All Type C ports on all Apple devices should have the protocol (Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB 3.1 Gen 2, USB 3.2, USB 4) clearly indicated for obvious reasons.
  • Stand alone or monitor mounted camera for Studio, Mac mini, and Mac Pro models Capable of facial recognition.
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Re: Word nightmare kevs 05/06/22 06:08 PM
Thanks Joe, not ready, yet, but hold onto this.. as have styles and not sure/ remember how put back my styles....
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Re: Windows on Mac? Rick Deckard 05/01/22 08:07 AM
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Re: What is this USB end? kevs 04/30/22 01:32 AM
Crazy, maybe would been better just to make very new name for each one.. or who knows..
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Re: Problem deleting an app plantsower 04/29/22 07:01 PM
The developer kindly gave me instructions so I could get the name of his device off of my sound options.

Originally Posted by plantsower
I may try that and hopefully go that route from now on. Thanks for the info.

Find the app icon in Launchpad,
click and hold on it until the app begins to shake back and forth,
then click on the circled x that appears at the upper left corner of the icon.
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Keychain Chrome kevs 04/29/22 05:51 PM
Anyone know how to get chrome to forget a user/ password that you oked in past? thanks.
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Re: Put it where the sun don't shine artie505 04/26/22 05:21 PM
The author of Papillon described a similar device - I believe it was called a "plan." - in which Devil's Island prisoners carried their money, because the only secure place they had available for the purpose was inside their bodies.
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Is Apple just as bad as Starbucks? jchuzi 04/26/22 11:45 AM
As a retired teacher and staunch union member, I appreciate the value of having a strong union. School boards and corporations will willingly exploit their employees in any way that they can (I speak from experience). The only way to fight this is to organize. So, I am disappointed (chagrined is a better word) about Apple's anti-union stance. If employees were treated fairly, unions would not be necessary. (There are, admittedly, a few companies that actually care about their workers.) Apple hires labor-busting lawyers to fight employees' efforts to unionize

Apple had, for me, a reputation of caring, integrity, and honesty. I'm sad to see that they may be as bad as other big companies.
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