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Re: Calendar not alerting anymore plantsower 02/07/23 06:11 AM
I went to install Monterey and it said I didn't have enough room on my SSD. I did have enough room on my Catalina Disk which I think is my thumb Drive that I use for SuperDuper which I named Catalina. I thought when we upgraded we just incorporated the new OS into our old one so it didn't take that much space. So, I guess I don't do it. Because if I do, I will have to constantly use my SD to use Monterey, right? Argh!

Originally Posted by artie505
Originally Posted by plantsower
I looked up updates on my system prefs and it doesn't give any but extension updates.
That just registered.

System Prefs doesn't deal with extensions. They're the App Store's business.

I'd love to see a screenshot of what you saw.
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Re: Reinstall anomaly artie505 02/06/23 08:34 PM
And compounding the mystery, I just found out that my Mail "Rules" have disappeared and been replaced by a single rule covering mail from Apple addresses.

This one's obviously on Apple!
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Re: Apple Techs on Phone plantsower 02/06/23 06:33 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by plantsower
Well, it's the wording. It's deceiving. I was looking up info about buying a Mac and AppleCare, etc. Lot of people are under the impression they cannot use the phone tech support after a certain time.

One thing is certain, the wording has been carefully vetted by Apple's attorneys. In retrospect, I suspect the wording may be an artifact from the days when Apple did charge for their software and upgrades. It would have allowed some legal wiggle room during the transition period. (He said with a shrug of his shoulders.)

Right, or they are counting on people interpreting it the way I did, and that way there are less calls. Also people are under the impression that they have to have AppleCare to extend the 90 day deadline during which they think they can call tech support. Another sales pitch. That's my take because that's what I always thought along with others. So glad I know better now. They really should change their pre-recorded message to take away that charge message. It would be different if they said there could be extra charges even with AppleCare for damaged equipment, but that's not mentioned. I know this sounds negative, but with what companies are doing these days with built in obsolescence and smaller containers of food for the same or more money is disgusting. I have started looking at all this with a jaundiced eye.
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Re: iOS app question dkmarsh 02/05/23 02:04 PM
I'm not so sure those apps would be a full decade backwardly compatible in macOS. I'm running High Sierra, which is a bit more than 5 years old, and receive "your browser is obsolete" warnings from multiple financial sites. So far, they continue to be functional, but it's clearly only a matter of time...
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Re: Shopping for new MacBook Pro plantsower 02/04/23 06:07 PM
OK, I guess I pictured it wrong. Thanks.

Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by plantsower
The dock is a little over kill for me. The hub would be nice for a desk top but I really don't have the room for a hub and then have the cables extending from it while sitting in my chair. That just wouldn't work for me. Having to deal with my external drive was a pain, so I know. That's why I'm glad I took Artie's advice and got an SD card for my Superduper backups that just stays in the Mac. Thanks Joe.

You missed my point, the dock or hub would be on a nearby table and there would only be one cable connected to the MacBook in your lap. That cable would provide both power and connectivity, including your thumb drive(s), SD cards, wired internet, etc.
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Re: Battery problem plantsower 02/03/23 04:50 PM
Yeah, but you would think the battery app would acknowledge it. It is working now but for how long? Maybe when the battery died, the Mac didn't acknowledge the adapter, who knows. But, for now, it works. I just can't take my Mac into the other room where my printer is and use it. I have to transfer everything I want to print to the iMac and that's a pain. Thus, that's why I am looking for a new Mac per my latest post.

Originally Posted by artie505
I dunno, but it seems to me that even with a non-functional battery, your MBP should work while plugged in.

I can only guess, but the green light may mean that the battery is fully charged as respects its ability to take a charge, i.e., 0% = 100%?
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Re: It's Ventura Time jchuzi 02/03/23 04:30 PM
In case anyone here is affected: Bug in macOS Ventura is breaking some networks
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Re: Backups gone wonky - TM & CCC ryck 02/01/23 07:10 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
I'm confused, though, about "getting rid of the problematic Data folder." What is the problem?
That'll be one of my questions. One of my observations is that it no longer has the little white iCloud icon under it.
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Re: Even Text Edit can't paste well into Mail now. artie505 01/29/23 10:44 PM
Thanks for that.

Either way, my options come up really quickly on my SSD, but your way presents a more compact and user friendly list.
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Re: Upgrade OS or replace iMac? artie505 01/29/23 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by Bensheim
Originally Posted by artie505
Originally Posted by Bensheim
I also don't understand how it could be loaded onto a machine with 8GB RAM when it says here Link from Google otherwise.
You're confusing apples and oranges.

Your link refers to disk, i.e., HDD/SSD space, not RAM.

Nope, it's Google (confusing the issue). If you have another look at my question, "How much memory does Ventura require?" it replied with disk space.
As I had already pointed out, Google did, indeed, return an incorrect answer, but your question "flew" with it and conflated RAM and disk space.
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Re: Photos storage query freelance 01/29/23 11:01 AM
I had an adventure with iCloud a few months ago, if I remember this correctly:

Looking at the preference panel, I saw that iCloud Drive was unchecked. I wondered what would happen if I checked it.

The computer started sending data to the cloud and I stopped the copying, as I have a 10 Gb limit and already used half of it.

Sometime later, I tried to access an important, often used file - only to find that it had disappeared. In fact, my entire 22 Gb Documents folder was gone. A search showed nothing. Not just misplaced, but wiped.

Luckily, I had a backup from the night before and very little was lost.


Oh, gee, what does this button do?

Saved by multiple redundancy.
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Recommissioning a 27" iMac ryck 01/27/23 04:25 PM
I have two 27” iMacs and want to wipe one, install Monterey, and give it to my grandchildren with my daughter as Administrator.

The status of the two machines is:

Machine One

OS Monterey 12.6.3
Time Machine attached - with a new backup (wipe BU drive and recreate)

Machine Two

OS Big Sur 11.6
Currently in Shutdown mode
Content is the same as the last time an iCloud sync was done


On Machine One, in System Preferences, I have removed Machine Two from the accounts to be synced.

Plan A

• Create a new User on Machine One, with Administrator privileges (to be my daughter)
• Instruct Time Machine to “Backup Now”
• Attach the Time Machine backup to Machine Two
• Using Recovery Mode, erase Machine Two
• Import only the new Administer Account

Question 1: Can only one account be transferred and, if so, how?

Plan B

• Attach the Time Machine backup to Machine Two
• Using Recovery Mode, erase Machine Two
• Import all Accounts
• Enter the new Administrator Account and delete the other two

Question 2:

• Does either of the above plans sound right?
• If so, are there any additions or deletions to process?
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Re: Folders and Subfolders artie505 01/26/23 12:27 PM
Originally Posted by MG2009
Re: " . . .once MG2009 changes "HD," new windows will open up in gallery view, and all navigation will remain in gallery view, so se doesn't have to change every folder individually."

Yes, Artie, that works for me, too . . . although a tad tedious.

PLAN B: Is there something I can do in TERMINAL which will take those FOLDERS which have been individually customised BACK to an "un-customised" state (i.e. factory, out-of-the-box)? Then, I could set the parameters at the HD/SSD level to see if arrowing/scrolling through the bowels of each folder will appear as Gallery View.
I'm confused by your "a tad tedious."

You seem to want folders to which you navigate in some view other than gallery to open in gallery view? Is that correct?

If so, I'm at a complete loss, nor do I know enough about Terminal to even guess if it can be used to accomplish anything helpful.
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Re: Find My App Problem plantsower 01/25/23 06:56 PM
That's what I thought, but I looked up "does Find My App need iCloud?" and found an article that said use iCloud or Find My, so I thought I had a choice. I don't use iCloud. Let me try that. The second screen shot says I am signed in, but maybe not into iCloud. There is a sign out link, so I thought I was signed in. So confusing.

Signed into iCloud and went from there, and it worked. Thanks, Ira.

Originally Posted by Ira L
Your second screen shot shows that you are NOT signed in to iCloud. See the left sidebar of the second image where iCloud is greyed out and it says "not signed in". The Find My app requires that you be signed in to iCloud and then check the Find My app in the list of iCloud options (which show up after you have signed in).
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Re: S/Ws WiFi controlled joemikeb 01/23/23 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by jaybass
The advantage of using an iPad is that you can walk around with it to see if your setup and times are working.
Yes, the location of those pods can affect whether or not you can pick up the WiFi signal.

I typically use my iPhone to add or setup Homekit devices, simply because it is the most portable, but when it come to setting up Automations and scenes I prefer to use the iPad or Mac. For normal on/off/dim control I just say, "hey Siri, turn den lights 100%" and there is always an Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Pod, and often, some combination of the above within earshot that will execute the Siri action.

Originally Posted by jaybass
To be honest, I know VERY little about WiFi and what it's capable of.

Not to worry, your Plume network is very sophisticated and has more information about your network than either of us or as far as I know any other competing Wi-Fi router network. The only thing it can't do is suggest where to move or how to re-arrange pods for optimum network coverage and can only tell you how good your existing pod distribution is. Changing the physical location of the pods is a task where patience, and maybe a little intuition, is a virtue.
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Re: USB-C Adapter plantsower 01/22/23 11:50 PM
Thanks Joe for all that information. It certainly gives me food for thought.

Originally Posted by joemikeb
I have no idea what any all
Originally Posted by plantsower
of those things that Apple removed from the MacBook.
are, but the iPad doesn't have an optical disk drive, hard drive, touchbar, or Thunderbolt port, It does have a USB Type C connector for power and external USB device connectivity, but there is only one. Data entry is via your choice of a mechanical keyboard with a MacBook-like trackpad, voice dictation, handwriting recognition and drawing using an Apple Pencil. Control can be your choice of fingertip gestures, Apple Pencil gestures, or trackpad gestures, and connectivity via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, or cellular connections. It also has an excellent camera (albeit not up to the resolution available on the iPhone 14 Pro). Personally, I don't know which is more frustrating, trying to use finger gestures on my Studio's monitor (I am always having to clean off the fingerprints) or forgetting that I can use the trackpad on the iPad's keyboard, and it always takes a few minutes to re-calibrate my brain to the device. Fortunately, I have a trackpad on my Studio so the gestures are just about the same between the two devices.) When I am relaxing in my chair, I find I often remove the mechanical keyboard, cradel th iPad in my arms (that sounds weird, but it is accurate) and use the Apple Pencil and Script for input. IPadOS's simplicity does require some re-thinking to perform familiar tasks, but there are any number of routine macOS tasks that are superfluous and quickly forgotten.

Obviously I am a fan of the iPad, but it is not for everyone. However, based on your questions and issues over the years, I suspect you would quickly be better served with an iPad.
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Re: Convert QIF to Excel joemikeb 01/21/23 06:52 PM
Originally Posted by Ira L
That is strange. Like joemikeb said, CSV is a generic standard that any spreadsheet software can import. It might be worth a try to export into a CSV format and see what you get when you import into Excel. It should be a very quick process, export/import.

You will likely have choices to make before a CSV can be accurately imported, but the basic principles are dead simple. In my case when importing to MoneyDance 2022 from Quicken 6 I had to tell the import utility to ignore some columns.
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Re: Big Sur - Files lost ryck 01/20/23 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
Why not just basic drag & drop?
I've done that and the files are moved over except......I can't get the Data folder to where it has always been - on the Hard Drive along with the Applications, Library, System and Users folders. The Data folder sits on the Desktop and cannot be dragged/dropped onto the Hard Drive icon.
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Re: So Long Airport artie505 01/19/23 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
My Internet to router download speed, as measured by the router itself runs 555 Mbps. The Internet download speed using the Ookla Speed test app on my iPhone that is connected to a Wi-Fi network Pod in a room at the far end of the house that in turn connects to a Wi-Fi network hub that finally connects to the Router hub is 553 Mbps. Before removing the Time Capsule both numbers were in the 425 to 450 range.
Originally Posted by joemikeb
My download speed from internet modem to router/Wi-Fi gateway increased.
contradict that?

The former sounds like the speed increase begins with your ISP, while the latter sounds like it's entirely within your own house. (Or am I misunderstanding your terms?)
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Re: mouse cursor joemikeb 01/19/23 01:28 AM
Originally Posted by dkmarsh
Originally Posted by joemikeb
The fact that no devices are appearing in the Bluetooth pane is an indication you have no Bluetooth connections and can safely turn Bluetooth off.

Note that if you make use of AirDrop to send files between your Mac and another Mac or an iOS device, you'll need to have Bluetooth turned on even if you don't use any wireless input devices.

Good point!
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Re: Moving from older to newer 27" iMac ryck 01/18/23 04:46 PM
Thank-you everyone for all your input. Clearly, the newer iMac c/w Time Machine is the way to go, using guidance you have provided. The changeover will happen after I see if there is an answer to a related, but completely different, issue that has popped up. I will start a new thread for it.

Stay tuned and thanks again.
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icloud not working or sync on app - NO new terms! kevs 01/18/23 01:01 AM
Boy, new contact entered on iphone not syncing over, then 3rd party Mail not taking app not syncing between computers. Lots screenshots to developers, and frustration.. but wait, not their fault!

It the laptop system prefs, icould asking to ok new terms and conditions. and until you do this (which is hidden, who would know) icloud nothing works.

Never seen this before. Apple just come up some crazy stuff... no?
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