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Re: Uploading issues Rain 04/17/24 09:53 PM
Hi, I will try, But this seems to be wider than the browser. My AirDrop is now not working, and I can't send emails either, (not sure if that might have been linked to clearing the cache?).
I can however receive emails (but not AirDrops).
I will try a Safe Boot.
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Re: Disheveled Desktop artie505 04/16/24 01:04 AM
Originally Posted by Gregg
I don't know how it got messed up, because I did not change the View Options intentionally.
macOS has got a nasty habit doing stuff like that. I don't remember the details, but it did something similar to me recently, and something different to Ira.
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Re: usb back up jaybass 04/14/24 05:58 PM
I have just checked apps, docs etc on my HD and they correspond exactly with the numbers on the thumb drive. I guess I haven't missed anything. However, after reading the procedure you posted, I think I will rely on how to "Recover all your files from a Time Machine backup" which I have a printed copy. I am familiar with command R having reinstalled my OS several times. I will erase my thumb drive and put it to a more useful purpose.

Thank you for your detailed input.

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Re: OS Sonoma- Is 'Top Sites' function gone? joemikeb 04/13/24 09:54 PM
In Safari 17.5 (macOS 14.5 beta) The settings menu checkboxes are fully populated and look like this. I suspect that between Start page's Frequently visited and Safari Applications in the Dock, Top Sites were considered redundant and fell by the wayside. The only thing I can find about Frequently visited settings is this, but it would be nice if there were some way of defining what the user considers Frequently visited.
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Re: Updates and printers joemikeb 04/11/24 08:55 PM
Originally Posted by ryck
Ditto artie's best wishes for a successful outcome from your surgery. Although it ain't anatomically correct, I think it's safe to say that knee problems are really a pain in the _ _ _.
...and I am tired of sitting on it.
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Re: NVMe SSD upgrade for 2019 iMac Rick Deckard 04/08/24 03:51 AM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by Rick Deckard
The new 4TB NVMe SSD will be put in the same port the old NVMe SSD was. I'm simply taking out the 1TB HP NVMe and putting in a faster 4TB one. It will no longer be fused with the 2TB Samsung QVO currently in the SATA slot, so I guess that could make it slower than fusing them, I don't know.
grin That is the ideal configuration and what I meant to imply, but obviously did not. Fusing the drives is NOT recommended -- as I said, macOS no longer supports Fusion drives.

Ok, thank you, that makes sense.

The place I originally bought the iMac from has offered to do the work for me at a great price, but the downside is due to shipping times it would give me about a week without it. If I can't find a local tech to do the work after calling around tomorrow I'll have to go that route.
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Re: incompatible software joemikeb 03/31/24 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by jaybass
joe, After my last post, I shut down my computer. The next morning when I thought I would boot up, I found that my computer had NOT shut down. Some message appeared giving some reason which I cannot recall...I should have took a screenshot.
Screenshots can be very helpful, but we cannot see them if they are on your computer. There are a number of websites where you can post images that can be seen by others, the most common being Imgur. The easiest way to use Imgur is by installing QuickImageUploader

Originally Posted by jaybass
I did download Etrecheck which gave me a comprehensive report. It read that there are orphaned files that could be removed, unsigned files which didn't advise to remove, System notifications running in the background ( their purpose?) Some kernel

extensions may not work in the future, and finally and the one I was most interested in...(4 files) Library/app/support/virtual box each containing the words "Oracle America" which I removed, which after shut down, stayed shut down. I'm enclosing a

screenshot of the original message. I hope you can read it?
No, we cannot read those files on your computer, but a word of explanation. Kernel extensions are dangerous because they run in the system area and can potentially bypass many of the protections built into macOS. On Sonoma, macOS 14, Apple came up with a means of allowing kernel extensions in the user area, thereby permitting their functionality while protecting the system from potential exploits and as a side benefit making extensions much easier to install. At the same time the older kernel extensions were blocked from execution. By removing the Oracle America extensions, you effectively disabled some app in your system that was dependent on them. Probably some "Cloud" related app.
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Re: Touch Bar artie505 03/29/24 05:45 PM
Ha! I followed your link, and the price has gone up $100 already.
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Re: Magic Mouse Gregg 03/29/24 12:37 PM
How long have you had this mouse? They do wear out. Have you tried using a different mouse?

If another mouse (not brand new) does not have the same problem, then I'd say it's time to buy a new one.
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Re: Carbon copy Cloner 7 joemikeb 03/27/24 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
I'm confused!

You said "While it won't work on Intel systems....," and your linked article begins with "Shutdown your M1 Mac," but the article ends with "If you don’t have access to a Time Machine backup or an Intel Mac you can temporarily use, we have listed instructions to perform a factory reset of your M1 Mac to regain access to your SoftRAID volumes."

What am I not understanding?
I didn't understand that part either. But the instructions for M1 Macs works slick as a whistle.
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Re: Mysterious restarts artie505 03/26/24 05:16 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by artie505
I ASSume that SATSMARTDriver isn't involved in my problem, because the crashes didn't occur while backups were in progress.

SATSMARTDriver is an open source utility that permits reading the S.M.A.R.T. values of a drive connected via USB. It is necessary because the USB protocol does not support reading the S.M.A.R.T. parameters and is installed by DriveDX. It plays no part in backups other than its operation might be blocked by a backup in progress.
I mentioned SATSMARTDriver only because you suggested it as a possible factor in an earlier post.
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Re: moving email address joemikeb 03/25/24 04:46 PM
Each account has multiple mailboxes, typically Inbox, Trash, Junk, Sent, at a minimum. You have to choose which of those mailboxes you want to open. Each account has its own Inbox and Mail groups all of them under All Inboxes. If you click on All Inboxes you will see the consolidated content of the inboxes from all your accounts or by clicking the reveal arrow you can selectively open each account's inbox. Clicking on an account will reveal the mailboxes in that account, and you still have to choose which of those mailboxes you want to open.
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Re: Taking into Repair and privacy joemikeb 03/25/24 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
600 CONTACTS would be an awful lot, but it's well within the range of possibility. But 600 PASSWORDS is a stunning number. I can't begin to imagine how you've reached that point! I wonder how many of those 600 are actually critical in that they'd leave you vulnerable in some way were they breached?
Of the 600 entries in Strongbox roughly 450 are actual passwords for various websites. The rest are software keys, financial account information, and other items I want to keep in a single location that is accessible on all of my devices.

Originally Posted by artie505
I may need some clarification here, but isn't Keychain less secure than 1Password or Strongbox in that it's unlocked automatically when you log in, while the other two are password protected?

OS X once offered an option to have a Keychain password that differed from your login password, but that went by the boards years ago.
Given that both Keychain and Strongbox each require identification in the form of a password, fingerprint, or facial recognition each time they are used, I would say they are equal. Strongbox/KeePass have the edge on encryption strength, as they hash a photo together with the password. So both are required to open the database.
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Re: Shortcuts Galore artie505 03/25/24 12:29 AM
It's my laundry list of key commands that elevates me from a two-finger typist to a speed demon.
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Re: reCaptcha a no-go with Safari ryck 03/24/24 08:21 PM
Originally Posted by Mina
I set up an account just to share this, in case any one else comes across this frustrating problem in Safari and ends up reading this forum!
Ditto artie's "Welcome to FineTunedMac"".

Your post caused me to think about the last time I had a Captcha issue and I can't recall. Actually I'm finding more and more sites using the "I'm not a Robot" with an image divided into sections and the instruction: "Find all the pictures that have....."
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Re: Time Machine Empty kevs 03/22/24 06:34 PM
Joe, great answer: Murphy Law! I'll keep it as is.

Two years from now, Murphy will speak right after editing a photo for 45 min! Or something like that ...
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Re: VueScan Issue-demands upgrade already purchased ryck 03/21/24 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
I see that the Basic Edition specifies "Save to JPG (No PDF, TIFF)."
....which is why I purchased the Standard Version last April. I deal with a lot of multi-page documents that need to be PDF.
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