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Re: iphone folder hell MAIL - expanded folders kevs 12/02/20 08:28 PM
Thanks Ira, did not see there was live link there. Small one word text hard to see..

Don't' understand, says something about 3"?

I'm on 14.2.. is that current or need to upgrade IOS? And then wont be crazy expanded?
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Re: The thread formerly known as: Maybe 45 ... freelance 12/02/20 08:10 PM
Fake News
Are you getting the "pardons for cash" fake news, yet?
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Support my latest project! (if you want to...) tacit 12/02/20 07:37 PM
2020 may be a bit shite, but there's been at least a glimmer of silver lining in the general cloud of yuck: I have two new books coming out next year and two more coming out in 2022.

These books, co-authored by a lovely woman I met ten years ago at an orgy and have had a ferocious crush on ever since, are a bit...err, different. They're far-future, post-scarcity erotic science fiction theocracy. (Man, that's a mouthful!) They're complex stories with deep characters and rich worldbuilding...oh, and lots and lots of kink. They're so different from anything else on the market, the publisher is doing a crowdfunding to try to gauge interest and see how many to print.

If that sounds like your thing, I'd love if you check it out! You can see it at
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Re: M1 Thunderbolt 4 Wierdness tacit 12/02/20 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
My question is will the TB4 daisy chain always terminate at the first non-TB4 device?

I believe that is the case, yes. The non-TB4 device does not know how to negotiate a downstream daisy chain.

Additionally, if you're running video (mini Display Port) over ThunderBolt, the video device must, if I recall correctly, always be the last device in the chain.
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Re: apple magic mouse 2 tacit 12/02/20 07:26 PM
As a data point:

I have a Magic Mouse 2. Right now, as I type this, it's not connected to my computer. Instead, I'm using a wired USB scroll-wheel mouse I got for $6 on Amazon.

The Magic Mouse is awesome in theory. In practice, I found it...less awesome. It's lovely when it works, but the need to keep recharging it (and the charge port is on the bottom, in a rare Apple design misfire), the fact that I occasionally do unintentional things with finger swipes, and the fact that it's (in another rare misfire) less responsive in video games than my cheap $6 Amazon mouse all conspire to make sure it sits on the shelf unused.
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Re: raw files tacit 12/02/20 07:23 PM
Yes. It makes a HUGE difference.

JPEG is "lossy." Every time you save a JPEG, the file is compressed in a way that permanently and irrevocably degrades the quality of the image.

RAW files allow more editing. You can change the exposure, the color balance, and more. JPEG, you get what you get. The JPEG file has less information than the RAW file, and you sacrifice editing options.

JPEG degradation is cumulative. If you open a JPEG, edit it, and save it, you get additional degradation. Open it, edit it, save it again, you get still more degradation.

Generally speaking: The JPEG standard was deliberately created for situations where file size on disk is critically important but the quality of the image is not important. If you understand that, you can adjust your workflow accordingly.
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Re: iPhone keyboard? ryck 12/02/20 04:33 PM
Originally Posted by Ira L
I don't know what will happen on your 5S, but on the XR if you rotate the phone to landscape position you will at least get a wider, larger keyboard. It does not occupy the entire screen, but it is more keyboard.
I have often lamented the tiny keys on my iPhone 6 and it never dawned on me simply to rotate the device. It ain't perfect but it's much better than before. Thanks.
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Re: Joe Biden's age artie505 12/02/20 02:06 AM
A president is limited to two 4 year terms, whether they be consecutive or with a time lapse in between.
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Re: Time Machine - DMG backupbundle MacManiac 12/02/20 12:53 AM
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Re: 10.14.6 Combo won't install over existing 10.14.6 artie505 11/30/20 09:41 PM
Originally Posted by ryck
Originally Posted by artie505
....but have you ever tried a safe boot?
No. Are you thinking as a way to make the Combo Update install without a hitch?
I've tried that myself with no success, but it's always worth another try.

I'm really interested in learning if your problems are perpetuated in safe mode.

A safe boot is a standard troubleshooting technique, and I"m surprised that it's never been suggested.
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Re: Finding old texts plantsower 11/29/20 06:14 PM
You're correct. It was an SMS/MMS message from my sister who does not have an iPhone. Under preferences I have checked "forever" but since the "save history when conversations are closed" wasn't checked I think maybe that may be a part of it. I suspect the messages you are not finding are SMS/MMS messages and the ones you are seeing are iMessages.

There is a setting in Messages > Preferences > General about how long to keep messages, you might want to check that and see what it is set for.

When I have critical text conversations, I print them as PDF and save them in a DEVONThink or Yojimbo database. You can even capture FaceTime conversations as screen recordings and save those into the same database. It is a great way to keep business records. [/quote]
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Re: First Look At Big Sur Ira L 11/28/20 06:43 PM
And now there is a SoftRaid beta that is Big Sur compatible.
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Re: Coronavirus information: assorted web links ryck 11/28/20 03:41 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
....encouraging people with no known exposure to get tested anyhow so the percentage of positives will go down.
How Not to Be Helpful 101. Given every jurisdiction seems to have different rates of testing, I've wondered whether any of the publicized results are particularly accurate so I've just take the position that Covid is everywhere. Therefore, be careful everywhere.
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Re: Browser no longer using keeps popping up joemikeb 11/27/20 04:38 PM
The position in the Dock and the black dot indicate, something is launching Chrome. The first place I would check is System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items. It could be Chrome itself or some file or task that in turn launches Chrome. If you click on Chrome in the Dock the page it opens to might yield a clue as to what is launching it.
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Re: whitelist a site jchuzi 11/26/20 01:38 PM
I received an email from Babylon (I had reported the issue to them) that stated that they were referring this to their IT department. I'll post back with more news when it is available.
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Re: Mail stopped on iPad, still on iMac ryck 11/25/20 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by ryck
....she now does not have a functioning mail account on the iMac either.
Fixed changing the password. And, before you ask, I have no idea why that worked. However, I think the entire matter is an issue with the provider as the system now does not recognize the password in my mail account. I'm with an outfit called Telus and mail is definitely not their strong suit.

Update; Nope....that hasn't done it either, we're back where we started. For now I have her using the webmail site rather than the Mail app.
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Re: Firefox - Bookmark favicons grelber 11/25/20 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by artie505
Have you tried trashing the offending bookmarks, quitting Firefox, and then revisiting the sites and creating new bookmarks?
Yes ... to no avail.
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Re: Cool! joemikeb 11/24/20 02:27 PM
  • iPhone/iPad apps that use devices such as the gyroscope, motion sensor and are not present on the Mac will not work on the Mac.
  • Although makes an iPhone/iPad app available for M1 Macs on the App Store they do not guarantee it works correctly. It is the developer's responsibility to verify the app for use on the Mac. The App Store listing clearly indicates whether or not the app has been verified for use on the M1 Mac.
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Re: Microphone access for ipad ios kevs 11/23/20 06:41 PM
Ira, thanks yeah, I don't even know how use this app to be honest.

But it did right away ask for microphone access.
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Re: iTunes keeps launching itself Ira L 11/23/20 06:15 PM
Try a Restart or Shutdown and then startup.
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Re: Remote Control for Mac plantsower 11/22/20 05:22 AM
Looks like the remotes now are only for Apple TV. If I decide to do it, I will try to pair my iPhone to my Mac.

Originally Posted by plantsower
Oh, I will look and see if I can order one. Thanks.

Originally Posted by joemikeb
I have never used that but I do use the Apple Remote (that used to ship in the box with a new Mac), Apple Siri Remote that adds voice control.
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Re: Big Sur?? artie505 11/22/20 02:06 AM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by artie505
I'm not sure how that fits with Apple's statement that "[t]his article applies only to Mac computers with an Intel processor."

Can you actually reset NVRAM on your M1 Mac mini?
It fits when you erroneously conflate resetting the NVRAM with keyboard boot option commands. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Resetting the NVRAM doesn't work on most recent Macs. instead you have to reset the SMC (System Management Controller, at least that was the case on my 2018 Intel Mac mini.

As to the various boot options such as booting from the Recovery Drive (⌘R), since many Macs came with the boot chime disabled, and there is no double chime or double Apple icon on M1 Macs, pressing the keys before the power button and holding them until you see the progress bar will work on either Intel or M1 Macs.
Thanks for that.

OK, you confused me about NVRAM when you inserted the irrelevant to his thread boot commands into the equation.

I've never had occasion to reset NVRAM on my 2019 16" MBP w T2 Chip, but according to the linked article I can do it.
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ipad, weird pasted from message kevs 11/21/20 02:05 AM
ON ipad getting, at top always, all time: "pasted from kevs 7"

I think my iphone is kevs7.

Still I have not clue to the nuisance relenting message.
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Re: Static electricity? artie505 11/19/20 10:24 AM
Update: The problem is weather related, and all else was coincidental.

Since it cooled down and dried up, the static charges are back.
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Re: Installation/Upgrade Heads Up artie505 11/18/20 10:43 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by artie505
How'd ya figger it out?

Pure happenstance, I just happened to glance up at the menu bar and noticed the German flag, after that intuition took over.
Good thing you're running the "hack" or you may never have figgered it out.
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