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Re: Menu bar on Safari Technology Preview Ira L 06/23/21 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by plantsower
Yes, but it requires Big Sur. I looked it up yesterday.

Originally Posted by Ira L
If you really want it all now, try Bartender. Among other things, it gives you a menu bar icon that, when clicked on, gives you other menu bar icons of your choice. Although I have not used it, it seems a great way to show more menu icons when there is no space for them.

Ahh, but they make Bartender 3 available for other Mac OS's. Go to the same link as above.
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Re: Apple skins non-Americans ryck 06/23/21 05:16 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
What happened to the original comparison you intended to make?

Also, on the US site it's "starting at $399," so I've got to ask if the Canadian SE you looked at had the same specs.

β€’ OWC (used phone) $289 USD - with shipping, taxes and duties $322 USD, which is CAD $396
β€’ So, I thought that the Canadian site (no exchange rate) might have a new phone CAD price close enough to consider

But the difference in new phone prices was:

β€’ American Apple price $399 USD = $490 CAD
β€’ Canadian Apple price for exactly the same phone $599

I will concede that there will be some duties in Apple's $110 difference but, given OWC can collect taxes, duties and shipping for $33 USD, I have to think that the $110 difference is excessive.
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GSM and CDMA Networks ryck 06/23/21 01:24 AM
I am considering an iPhone SE Gen2 from OWC for my wife. The phone has this information in the description:

Unlocked And Compatible With GSM+CDMA Networks
This GSM+CDMA model works with pretty much any US carrier, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and smaller MVNOs like Mint Mobile and Cricket Wireless. This model works with CDMA networks like Verizon's 2G/3G CDMA network and Sprint.

Am I correct to assume that it should be okay in interfacing with Canadian phone networks?

Edit: question may be moot. I went back to the OWC site and found "For all USA & Most of World" so I guess it would have been more correct to ask: "Am I correct to assume that Canada is considered to be part of Most of the World?" Is my red face showing?
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Re: Why You Suddenly Need To Delete Google Maps joemikeb 06/21/21 04:17 PM
I am running WIPR and Ad Block Pro and my results from that site match Artie's. Two are the almost universal standard Google Analytics and Google Tag services, one from Amazon, and the rest appear to be marketing related as well. Remember too...
Originally Posted by Apple Tracking Report
Trackers can follow you across multiple websites and combine your activity into a profile for advertisers.
{emphasis mine}

Looking at the trackers over the past week I was surprised at some how many trackers some of the sites I visited have. For example is at the top of the heap with 15 trackers and my bank is in third place with 9, even our church website has 4 (but those are a result fo the system used to construct the site and when I enquired the webmaster was totally unaware that tracking was going on).
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Re: Freaked out! plantsower 06/20/21 04:35 PM
Thanks, JoeMike. Didn't mean to take an hour out of your life or more. smile But, I guess you are now on a quest. Say Hi to God for me. πŸ’’

Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by plantsower
I downloaded Safari Technology Preview. It migrated some stuff over like my extensions but not my start page or bookmarks, history, or some other things. How do I get the rest of my info migrated over from my other Safari? I hope it's not complicated. Thanks.
Mine has always synched completely but that may be because I have iCloud synch enabled. I just spent an hour looking for the location of the Safari start page contents and although I found a lot of start page related files and folders the location of the content has eluded me completely. I will keep looking, but its time for church so I have to go now.
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Re: iphone going off -- apps joemikeb 06/19/21 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by kevs
I have very pro cameras so cool there.
Why am I not surprised? πŸ˜‰
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Re: Cropping/ rotating in Preview vs Photos kevs 06/18/21 11:50 PM
thanks JOe, well preview is more convenient than PS..... so sometimes things end up there.... Usually fast quick, less important things: preview and photos.
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Re: Want to start de-Googling? joemikeb 06/17/21 10:24 PM
While working on another thread, I discovered that the Brave browser, arguably one of the more secure offerings and also capable of using TOR onion routing, does not directly import any bookmarks from any other browser. Instead relying on the other browser to EXPORT their bookmarks which Brave can then IMPORT. Given the number of different browsers available, that seems a rational alternative.
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Re: Screen Shot of Whole Page artie505 06/15/21 06:17 PM
Got it. Thanks.

Being keyboard-centric, I don't like the fact that editing can't be accomplished with keyboard commands as it can with Preview, but it's a useful alternative to keep in mind, particularly for movies.
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Re: TechTool Pro 14 joemikeb 06/12/21 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
I think this is an appropriate moment to once again mention DriveDx.

Good point, especially since DriveScope is not fully compatible with M1 yet and while it correctly identifies the correct information for each of my drives it shows the NVMe Data for the internal drive for one of the external drives. The internal drive and the other external drive are correctly reported. As I chose not to upgrade to TTP 14, I don't know if it is correct or not. As an aside the drive that is incorrectly reported contains a bootable clone of the internal drive so there is a possibility the ASR utility also clones the S.M.A.R.T. data as well. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

THIS JUST IN: The same error occurs on a second Samsung X5 that has an installed copy of macOS although it was previously a clone. confused
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Re: Mail not changing messages in same thread ryck 06/11/21 01:49 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
I just reread that, and I apologize for its coming across as snide.
No problem....that's absolutely not the way I took it.
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Re: M1 Big Sur Status Update joemikeb 06/10/21 05:45 PM
There are still immutable truths that are likely to remain as long as humans are involved:
  1. If anything can go wrong, it will, and at the worst possible moment.
  2. There aint [sic.] no free lunch

Rather than ominous I see the multi-layer recovery options as a realistic assessment of how Macs often get used with lots of hardware devices, kernel extensions, and software over which Apple has very little to no control. My M1 Mac mini being a classic example. Accidents, incompatibilities, and/or outright screwups are possible. Who would want a Mac with no other recovery options other than a trip to the Genius Desk or purchasing a new Mac? The Fallback Recovery Drive strikes me as a reasonable way to encourage reluctant adopters to upgrade as it offers a quick, straightforward way to fall back to the previous release not to mention making it unnecessary for me to keep bootable clones around in case of a serious issue in a beta. πŸ€“

Even iOS and iPadOS with their significantly more limited options and control have a Recovery Drive type option, but where no other device is needed to recover a Mac, Recovering an iPhone or iPad requires the use of a Mac and Finder (or iTunes or Music in earlier versions of MacOS).
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Google....Yikes! ryck 06/10/21 03:01 PM
Newly unredacted documents from the Arizona lawsuit against Google show how little Google cares about anybody except themselves. It makes me continue to wonder why anyone would choose to use any Google software.
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Re: adding print to existing Xword doc. artie505 06/10/21 01:33 PM
A happy ending!

I've used Bean; it's an excellent app, and FREE to boot.

Bean: News & Plans is worth a read.
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Re: WWDC 2021 Comments/Observations joemikeb 06/08/21 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by jchuzi
I won't do anything until well after Monterey has gone through a few updates.
On the other hand I hope to celebrate the fourth of July by installing macOS 12, iOS 15, IPadOS 15, WatchOS 8, TVOS 8, and macOS 12. 🧨 There all sorts of really cool and potentially very powerful features like the aforementioned Translation and the enhancements to Notes I want to try out and most of them are multi-platform. One observation, I have is the amount of voice recognition, translation, AI, etc. that is migrating from online to on-device execution will be a significant incentive to upgrade to newer faster devices β€” thus has it ever been.
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Re: Amazon... Yikes! artie505 06/05/21 11:03 AM
Apparently, you can opt out of sidewalk at any time.

June 8th is just the date that you'll be opted in.
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Mail folders not expanading kevs 06/04/21 07:27 PM
Anyone else notice who uses Mail, that when drag and email to a folder you made it often does not readily expand as good and consistently as they used to?
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Re: System has run out of application memory kevs 06/04/21 05:58 PM
Joe, don't think work, I'll ask, owner of Synkmark, who I use to sort and sync bookmarks across all browsers about Chromium.
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Connection Adapters joemikeb 06/02/21 04:37 PM

Type C connectors are touted as the one connector to rule them all[/]*ΒΉ for all devices external. But as I look around my desktop I see USB Type A, mini Type A, micro Type A, Lightning, Thunderbolt 2, and HDMI connectors in addition to Type C connectors carrying an amazing variety of data transmission protocols including Thunderbolt 2, 3, and 4; USB 3.0, 3.1, and 3.1 gen 2; and carrying anywhere between 5 and 100 amps of power to various devices. To cobble all of this together I have a drawer full of an amazing variety of connection adapters and adapter cables, particularly type A Mail to type c female and type C female to Lightning.


In the process of getting everything on my M1 Mac mini up and running to my satisfaction, I have been doing a LOT of re-configuring device connections, re-connecting devices, and performance testing. Along the way, I have noted several major differences in device throughput and even functionality which set me to digging even deeper into connections (type A, B, C); data transfer protocols USB 3.0, 3.1, 3.1 gen 2, full speed, high speed, Thunderbolt, [i]etc
., and adapters. In the process I discovered I had unwittingly wasted a lot of money on adapters that were not designed to do the job they appeared to be created for.
  • Certified Thunderbolt 4 cables can be used for any Thunderbolt 2, 3, or 4 device with the proper connector adapter
  • Certified Thunderbolt 4 cables can be used with any USB 2 through 4 device with the proper connection adapters
  • Certified Thunderbolt 3 cables are not the same as Thunderbolt 4 cables
  • Most type A male to type C female adapters are limited to USB 3.0 protocol (≀ 5Gbps) and 5 Amps power
  • Many type A male to type C Female adaptors are not fully compatible with the USB 3.0 protocol and may not support certain devices
  • Many type C to lightning adapters are power only and do not support data transfer.


Don't assume that just because a device or cable has a Type C connector that it will work anywhere with the proper connector adapter (the exception to that might be a certified Thunderbolt 4 cable)
Read the details of any cable or adapter very carefully before you buy and if in doubt buy another brand. caveat emptor!
Amazon's product listings have recently improved greatly in this. πŸ‘

*ΒΉWith apologies to J. R. R. Tolkien.
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Re: I tunes/ iphone mess - bringing playlist in kevs 06/02/21 04:08 PM
Joe, thanks, I think iphone is 8GB, and can hold 2k songs. So my little playlist sof 2k songs fits well for now and last 10 years.
Next phone all over then get full 30 gb or whatever I have...

But for now: How do you sync one specific playlist via finder, do not see that? (everything greyed out)

Yeah finder way better .. in Music, does not show anything. The finder could be better too, but beats out Music app.
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Re: iphone problem remembering user/pass kevs 06/01/21 04:53 PM
Ira, thanks, passwords is on, I'll keep an eye on this see what happens.
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Re: imgur download artie505 05/31/21 08:49 AM
I contacted Imgur, and your only options are to sign up via Facebook or, if he's got a cell phone, to have your son sign up for you using your info and pass the account on once he verifies the texted code.

I can't imagine why Imgur insists on texting the code when email is no less secure.

My financial institutions offer me a choice of email, landline, or text when they need to send me a code.
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Re: Stuck in Full Screen plantsower 05/30/21 11:06 PM
Hi there: I'm back. Just FYI, a video on Safari locked up on me. When I went to the lower right hand corner for the "arrows, they weren't there. They are only there while the video isn't frozen. Instead of force quitting, I clicked on the Safari icon on the dock and it opened up! The video was gone but at least I didn't have to force quit and I was done with the video anyway which is usually the case. It doesn't freeze during play, only when trying to escape or use the arrows. So that's good enough for me.

Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by plantsower
Oh wow, just the opposite corner of the escape button. I will try that next time it happens. Thanks so much.Of course, if it doesn't work you will hear about it. wink

I am counting on it! 😁
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Now they are spamming our calendars joemikeb 05/29/21 06:17 PM
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M1 iPad Pro Review joemikeb 05/29/21 04:37 PM
OWC Rocket Yard Review

After eight days MY IMPRESSIONS are:
  • This puppy is FAST. Geekbench scores are roughly 50% faster than the previous generation iPad Pro and slightly better than the M1 Mac mini (probably because macOS has more tasks running in background than iOS does)
  • The Magic Keyboard and its trackpad fit my big hands better than their equivalents on MacBooks πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  • The Apple Pencil and Scribble offer significant functionality that is not available on Macs
  • Sidecar allows that functionality to be shared with Macs
  • The battery life is amazing (see this calibrated Batteries+ report (Note the numbers are for a battery at 76% charge not 100%)
  • 5G cellular is nice and Apple does an amazing job managing it to conserve battery life.
  • All of my critical production apps are available for both MacOS and iPadOS and in one or two cases, to my surprise I prefer the iPadOS version πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
  • There are many iOS apps (perhaps thousands) that are useful but not available on macOS 😑

CONCLUSION If I were limited to a single device, it would probably be a MacBook Pro but the M1 iPad Pro would certainly be a contender. Since I use an M1 Mac mini for my desktop machine, M1 iPad Pro is easily the superior choice for taking on the road and as an adjunct to the Mac mini.
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