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Re: Ad astra: another passing. artie505 09/21/20 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by artie505
How sadly naive and self-serving. frown
But, on the other hand, in keeping with the non-politicality of the Court.

Rehnquist didn't retire to guarantee that Bush would select his successor, nor have any justices retired in response to Graham's recent call for them to do so to enable Trump to pick their replacements.

I guess I've got to give her credit for upholding the integrity of the Court and hope that same integrity governs should the election wind up on its doorstep.
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Safari 14 bug? artie505 09/21/20 06:15 AM
I've got "New Email With Selection" and "New TextEdit window Containing Selection" set as contextual menu items, but they seem to have gone south in Safari 14.

While a new email does open, it doesn't contain my selected text, and the TE window that opens not only doesn't contain my text, it's a plain text window rather than the rich text window I"ve always gotten.

Anyone else?
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POLL CALL! artie505 09/21/20 04:38 AM
The more I read, the more I become convinced that COVID be damned, it's imperative that as many Democratic voters as possible get to the polls in person to prevent Trump from declaring a premature early landslide victory.

I realize that mail-in voting is as attractive as all get-out as an option, but this election it's got the potential to help trigger a Constitutional crisis and really needs to be avoided if at all possible.

Yeah, the lines will be daunting, but once you realize that social distancing is making them appear to be way longer than they actually are, half the battle is won.

And remember that if Democrats stay away it will make it that much easier on Republicans who will have shorter waits as a result.

This election may be impacted significantly by the side that's most committed to waiting on line to vote for its candidate.

Consider your health first, but if you're not at risk, PLEASE don't take the easy way out!

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Re: Safari freezes anyone? jchuzi 09/20/20 11:16 PM
So far, so good for me too. cool
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Re: Wait for Apple Silicon tacit 09/20/20 10:04 PM
Sadly, I won't be upgrading to Apple Silicon any time soon. I have too much need of Windows, and Windows won't run in Apple Silicon--not in Boot Camp nor in Parallels.

Back in the PowerPC days, I had two computers on my desk, one Windows and one Mac. When Apple moved to Intel, I didn't have to do that any more. Now it looks like I will have to go back to those days eventually, but I plan to hold out as long as possible first!
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Re: eMail remote content artie505 09/19/20 06:34 PM
Originally Posted by Ira L
I see the same behavior with the "Load Remote" button you describe. When I go back to the first email the remote content is no longer present. Never noticed it before because I don't usually click back to the first email since they tend to be in my Junk mail.
That's not what I"m seeing.

When I go back to the first email the remote content is still present, but the (unnecessary) "Load remote content" button has reappeared.

I see it frequently, because it happens with emails from Verizon, Amazon, and other entities with which I deal which reman in my in-box.
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Re: Create a temp Apple ID? artie505 09/18/20 02:49 AM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by artie505
I don't see "Account" in my Music menu bar. Might it have something to do with my never having purchased any iTunes music?

I don't know, but check System Preferences > Apple ID and see if your Apple Account is setup there. (The last beta update broke Music in Big Sur, it launches straight to an error message. But I have checked my server that is still running Catalina and it does have Account on the Music menu bar.)
I found it! "Account" appears in your Music menu bar only if "iTunes Store" is enabled in Prefs > Restrictions.

It's also in System Prefs as expected.
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Re: The thread formerly known as: Maybe 45 ... artie505 09/17/20 03:57 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by artie505
Now, if "Dubya" would only sign on...
Forty-three signaled his support of Biden after the Democratic National Convention.
From what I"ve read, that's not quite accurate.

The farthest Bush has gone...will go is simply not support Trump, same as he did in 2016. "He's removed from Presidential politics."

More: Bush doesn't have to say that he's going to vote for Biden, but this is no time for him to stand on pretty principles. If he doesn't denounce Trump it will mean that he's forgotten why his father, "the sucker," got shot down in WWII and why HE ran for President in the first place, and he will be complicit if Trump is re-elected and equally complicit in the end of the democracy he grew up in, presumably loved, and led.

If he doesn't denounce Trump he doesn't love the America he presided over and shouldn't have run for President in the first place!
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Re: First Look At Big Sur artie505 09/17/20 08:27 AM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Maybe adding cellular capability to the MacBook would solve your conundrum.
It would be a solution only if I was in a place where there was cellular access.

There are large parts of the world where there's neither cellular nor wi-fi available, and what do I do if my SSD goes south while I'm in such a location?
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Re: Logitech wireless mice disappointing kevs 09/15/20 12:41 AM
"why spend the money for a Magic Mouse AND a Magic Trackpad"

What I was saying Joe, is that you would not even bother testing the magic mouse, you liked the Trackpad way more? Because has more room or options?

Would you recommend wait for version 3 to come out?
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Re: Curious slowness-limited to one account joemikeb 09/11/20 11:01 PM
Originally Posted by ryck now we're getting into "weird events". I have a weekly clone that I booted with and then attempted to use the Control-Click to see the items in the Finder. It didn't work at all but, after I booted back into my main drive system, things were back to normal. Logging out and booting apps are now within a few seconds. Since I have no idea what happened, I'll cross my fingers and hope this status remains.
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Re: Ready to do Catalina (tomorrow) artie505 09/11/20 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by artie505
I don't remember exactly when, but unless I"ve lost it altogether, Apple bestowed upon us the ability to delete partitions from the drive into which we're booted, albeit with a strong data loss caveat, sometime back in OS X.

And you even suggested it in one of Rita's threads a while back but rejected the idea because of the potential for data loss.
If your have a spare bootable drive that is partitioned you are welcome to give it a try, but I think you will find you have to boot from the Recovery drive to do it. If I suggested it, I was having a senior moment at the time. 🤔

How to delete a hard-drive partition on a Mac spells out the procedure I had in mind for booting into Recovery or even another volume required, but I didn't think erasing the partition first was necessary.

It would probably have required Rita's Sierra partition to have been the first partition on the drive.

I'd experiment, but I've got neither HFS+ capability nor the means to create it.

Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by artie505
I don't get these uninstall utilities! I've got FindAnyFile set to show both visible and invisible files, and I run it with both the app and developer name, and I don't think any utility can find even as much as it finds without monitoring apps in real time to watch as they create new files.
The app you are referring to is no longer available, but I have found that some apps have multiple developer names and spray "stuff" all over the system. I usually find the detritus a couple of years later as orphan or unused files.

Find Any File is alive and well.

Indeed, there may be stuff that FAF can't find because we don't know to ask it to search for it, but it will find more of an app's detritus than any app removal app other than one that's tracking file creation in real time.

Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by artie505
And finally, why wouldn't you want a clone? (You run CCC.) What are we supposed to do in the event of a catastrophe if we haven't got an Internet connection? Carry a RAID unit around with us?
Actually I have an iPhone and I can turn on a WiFi hotspot and download the Recovery Drive or Internet Recoverey Drive over the cellular network. I've done it. It is not terribly fast, but it works.

And what if you're in the boonies and have got neither cellular nor Internet service, which is hardly an unlikely situation?
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Re: FineTunedMac upgrade joemikeb 09/09/20 07:53 PM
The FTM login is contained in two cookies that have a lifespan of 30 days. One is your ID the other your hashed password. Unless you login (actually enter your ID & PW) again within that span of time the cookies are automatically deleted.
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Re: Ran First Aid plantsower 09/08/20 11:51 PM
Alrighty. I thought maybe I was having one. 😇

Originally Posted by joemikeb
Yes, of course, it is the RECOVERY DRIVE. blush Please just put that down to a senior moment. blush
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Re: Using groups on iphone Contacts kevs 09/08/20 08:22 PM
Joe, I think that works!

I pressed all icloud, at top, and unchecked everything.

I don't understand anything about what said, icloud, but seems to uncheck them all.

I wish the checkmark, would uncheck on specific group automatically, and I wish you did not have have to click Done to see the group, minor iphone annoyances don't have on desktop, but so far I think issue now solved.
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Re: The Onion Router joemikeb 09/08/20 08:07 PM
As I said, I have TOR and played with it off and on for a while, but I never use it otherwise. I occasionally use Malwarebytes Privacy VPN (mostly if I am traveling). I also have CyberGhost VPN but Malwarebytes Privacy has proven faster albeit more expensive. I probably will not renew Malwarebytes Privacy as the cost/benefit ratio isn't there for me. Cyberghost VPN is fast enough for my modest needs, and I bought a lifetime license for it on a one time bargain deal.
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Re: Well phooey, another 2 ?'s plantsower 09/08/20 06:50 PM
Thank you!

Originally Posted by joemikeb
To take another shot at defining what is meant by the term ROOT in Unix based systems, and MacOS is a Unix based system. Perhaps these umbrellas will help you see the relationship. Using Unix notation, the pathname of your documents folder would be /Users/UserName/Documents. Because ~/ is Unix shorthand for /Users/UserName/ that same pathname can be abbreviated as ~/Documents.

For all practical purposes, the drive root will aways be Macintosh HD (assuming that is the name of the currently booted Volume Group).
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Re: Wifi question kevs 09/07/20 09:13 PM
Joe, and that bleeds your data? Just having it on even though the start has not been activated?

(do you know if negligible or substantial?)
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Re: Disk Utility plantsower 09/07/20 08:49 PM
Thank you. I just did that. The less stuff on my Mac the better.

Originally Posted by jchuzi
Originally Posted by artie505
It depends upon what's in that folder. I've found it to almost exclusively contain stuff that can be safely trashed, BUT one time the file with all my stored passwords was in it...and I trashed it without thinking.
I have the alias of that folder on my desktop. The original is in ~/Shared/Relocated Items. When I dig down into that folder, I see Configuration/private/etc/master.passwd.system_default as well as Configuration/private/etc/postfix/ As with joemikeb, I'm not trashing any of it except the alias that resides on the desktop.
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Re: Newer Versions on Mac OS Systems? plantsower 09/07/20 05:47 PM
I love this forum, but sometimes I have to wonder like when we can't PM each other and no updated OS X systems. Weird.

Originally Posted by artie505
Originally Posted by plantsower
Funny, this section doesn't mention Mojave or Catalina yet. And now Big Sur is coming. ???

I've questioned that twice.

The first time, cyn's response was that "forum descriptions [had] fallen off [her] radar;" the second time hasn't elicited any response.

Seems to me that new visitors may see that the forum descriptions are out of date and that the Lounge has got half again as many posts as the Mac OS X System Forum (which is deceptive in and of itself), decide that we've given up the ghost, and leave without looking.

Got me beat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Re: partition HD jchuzi 09/06/20 05:51 PM
Thanks for the clarification, Joe.
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Re: Ad blocker to iphone / ipad kevs 09/04/20 09:48 PM
Thanks Joe I deleted the You Tube app as once in app you never get rid of ads unless you pay $10 month. So best solution adblock with Safari. If someone has something Chrome... not sure exist.
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Re: deleting External HD jaybass 09/04/20 08:44 PM
I didn't look for any indication as to why it failed. I do now know the reason. Just before the back-up, my son gave me half a dozen movies which I put on my desk top. Never thought nothing more but those movies put my HD over the capacity of the back-up HD by (4) gb. So you are right about there being insufficient space.

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Re: Mail App d/l hundreds of old emails plantsower 09/04/20 07:40 PM
Thank you. It took care of itself somehow, but I will remember that for the next time!

Originally Posted by jchuzi
Originally Posted by plantsower
I am using my backup Mac while upgrading to Catalina on my new Mac. So, I decided to activate my email program on the older Mac to get emails temporarily. Now it's d/ling hundreds of older email and it's taking more than a few minutes to d/l each one. It's saying it's d/ling 563 emails of 565 emails. But it stays on that number 563 (it was 561) for several minutes. This could take all day. I don't want them to d/l, I just want them gone. Does this mean that Apple saves all of these? What the heck? How can I stop this except by turning off my mail program for now? I delete emails everyday. I don't save all of them. Thx.
I had a similar issue that cropped up unexpectedly. A restart cured it.
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Re: Easy Find App plantsower 09/04/20 05:49 PM
Thanks. Sometimes I don't see the obvious!

Originally Posted by artie505
Originally Posted by plantsower
Yep, that's the one. I could have found it if we still had the "my posts" option. I wonder why it was removed? I wonder if we can now PM people? It always looked like an option but was disabled. I would like to make up my own mind as to whether I would like to be PM'd or not.
As per above, you can still search for "my posts" by entering "plantsower" in "By Display Name."

Private messaging is still disabled for all but moderators and more exalted.
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