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Re: Try It, You May Like It. Ira L 09/27/23 06:06 PM
The most significant feature I saw with ARC was the use of profiles (look at the screenshots on their web site to get a sense of this). But I just read that the new Safari update included with macOS 14 (Sonoma) also has a profile feature. I have not checked it yet.
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Re: Upgrade from iPadOS 16.7 to 17.0 MG2009 09/27/23 12:27 AM
Thanks for the info and details! smile
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Re: Kill 'em or don't artie505 09/25/23 11:01 PM
Originally Posted by grelber
SCOTUS is part of the problem (as noted in the article), decidedly not part of the solution.
I don't agree with that.

As also noted in the opinion, SCOTUS's recent involvement with executions has not been 8th Amendment related at all, rather it's been restricted to rejecting stays.

As cold-hearted as the conservative majority is, I'd like to believe that it's at least got enough humanity to disallow a method of execution that's not even fit for cats and dogs, the condemned prisoner having opted for it - indeed, having had no other option - notwithstanding.
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Re: Passwords in Sonoma & iOS 17 Settings artie505 09/25/23 02:54 AM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by artie505
Please give us an example or two of such apps that we, as non-power users, may have installed on our Macs.

An example of what confused If you mean apps with registration key files how about Tinkertool System 8, DriveDX, and BetterTouchTool, but I have more.
Yes, you got it right. I wanted to see what those key files are, and I see that I've got them safely backed up on two externals.
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The Animals Are Talking grelber 09/24/23 07:02 PM
The Animals Are Talking. What Does It Mean?

Potato. Potahto. Ka-caw.

Read it. Git edicated.

PS You shouldn't need a subscription to access individual articles. Try clearing your various browser caches.

I, who was born to die, shall live that the world of man and the world of animals shall become one.
— Inuit legend
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Re: Ex President Bonespur - Completely Bonkers joemikeb 09/24/23 05:50 PM
Mars is looking more and more attractive
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Re: Big nightmare today with Icloud kevs 09/23/23 09:33 PM
Thanks JOe ok Cold boot, thats me now fine, restarting/ rebooting which been my go to for years is done. You confirm Cold boot even better (which I was advised to do every blue moon per what you say)

I cloud ok, unstable, that's it.... got gist of what you said now: you are not using is as primary place for important files or something like that! but using it...

Yes I heard from apple ipad is on it's own weird plane, as my emails and photos on the ipad, don't sync as well as the iphone..
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Re: warnings top right hand side screen artie505 09/23/23 04:43 PM
Originally Posted by Ira L
Originally Posted by artie505
Originally Posted by jaybass
The point is, that it works. Why flog a dead horse?
Call it inveterate curiosity, or, more accurately, call it autopsying that horse to see what could be learned from its death, …

Technically, "necropsy" when done on an animal. wink
In this instance, perhaps it's more appropriately called a "techropsy." smirk

(You walked right into that one. wink )
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Re: Jimmy Carter’s Final Chapter artie505 09/22/23 06:00 PM
I'm really curious about how Trump the draft dodger will act/react when he passes.

I'm sure it will be classic!
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Re: Weird Safari doings artie505 09/20/23 11:26 PM
It happened again, but this time I got a helpful screenshot.

Also curious is where that Top Site came from. It's WQXR FM radio, which I haven't accessed in Safari in, I'm pretty sure, years. I visit that site in Firefox.
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Re: downloaded free movies to desktop joemikeb 09/19/23 05:29 PM
The download folder is a function of the application that is performing the download. In Safari you will find the setting here. Most browsers have that setting in a similar location. If you do not find that in a particular applications settings they typically perform their download using the default browser and follow its settings.
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Re: Wondershare 13 joemikeb 09/19/23 12:38 AM
Google’s decision to change their download API is no fifferent than Apple’s decision to replace macOS’ 32 bit APis with 64 bit APIs, and likely effected more third party Windows apps as well as macOS apps.
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Re: New window joemikeb 09/16/23 10:36 PM
It will reappear periodically when a new device, new app, or app update, occurs and attempts to access system files, devices, or services that have not been previously approved. I can't verify this at the moment, but IIRC app store apps are sandboxed and do not require user access verification.
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Re: Automobile privacy, or lack thereof Gregg 09/16/23 12:17 PM
Yep. That genie is out, and the bottle is broken into tiny pieces.
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Re: Ad astra: another passing. artie505 09/16/23 07:20 AM
Fernando Botero. I've always loved his work, which truly stands out from the crowd. <>
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Re: FTM email system broken cyn 09/14/23 10:47 AM
Missing notifications arrived all at once yesterday, no idea where they'd been stockpiled or what changed to get them delivered. Email system is now working properly, AFAICT.
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Re: 13.5.2 update ryck 09/13/23 09:22 PM
Originally Posted by artie505 11.7.10 should now be installed, particularly on top of 11.7.3.
Turns out my daughter's machine will handle Ventura so we're going straight to it without passing Go.
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Re: Automatic log-in jaybass 09/09/23 10:33 PM
artie, You are so right. So simple too. Thanks a bunch.

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Re: (No Sender) spam artie505 09/08/23 04:25 PM
Originally Posted by joemikeb
Originally Posted by artie505
I will say, though, that with the resources available today, any algorithm that marks a sender as a spammer based simply on the number of email accounts without considering the amount of mail sent is guilty of criminal negligence!

and they can be held legally and criminally liable if too much SPAM originates on their network or reaches their subscribers. they should be, but it's their job to monitor the flow, and I guess the fact that I've never been flagged for running 6 email accounts suggests that they are balancing.

Bottom line is that spam is the fact, not the ability.
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Re: using backup artie505 09/06/23 02:18 AM
Well said!
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Re: Making a bootable external drive in Ventura artie505 09/04/23 09:45 PM
I just tried Recovery again, but this time, as opposed to the instructions in Jon's linked article, I shut down/started up rather than restarted, and I got into the security pane. (My pref was set as I remembered.)
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