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Re: Safari 15, reactions? joemikeb 10/24/21 11:12 PM
Originally Posted by artie505
The icon drop-down specifically refers to content blockers, which suggests that other types of extensions are excluded from its functionality.
You are right — I was too focused on Content Blockers, but it is the content blockers that are most often the culprit or at least that has always worked for me.

The develop Menu is an all-or-nothing extension on-off for all sites while Safari > Preferences offers more nuanced control. Without the aid of the Develop Menu, Safari > Preferences > Extensions permits tuning off individual extensions including content blockers for all web sites and Safari > Preferences > Web sites permits site-by-site control of a wide variety of functions including permitting content blockers and other extensions.

I prefer a flyswatter to a howitzer for swatting annoyances. 😀
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Re: The Monterey Report Beta 10 joemikeb 10/24/21 08:00 PM

Monterey (macOS 12) is scheduled for full release tomorrow October 25, 2021. My Current status is…
  • I have no remaining incompatible apps (Rogue Amoeba just completed updating their last app and SoftRAID has a running gold master scheduled for Tuesday release)
  • Montrerey compatilble Etrecheck pro delivered an almost cleanbill of health (there are still a couple of unsigned apps but they run just fine in the Monterey gold master)
  • My system is rock solid stable and has been for days now.
  • the learning curve has been steeper than I expected, but much of that has been subsumed in subsequent betas.
  • The average user should encounter few surprises but the power user may find some additional security related changes and those who stick with or reverted to Big Sur will find they have a steeper learning curve to climb.
  • There are new features in Monterey that add significant utility for power users although it may take some rethinking to take full advantage of them.
  • One major feature, Universal Control, did not make it into macOS 12 — list it among Coming Attractions.
  • For clone fans there is no change from Big Sur nor is any change expected either by CCC or SD. (Once Apple gets moving kernel extensions into the user rather than system area that may improve but given the multi-tiered boot structure I am not about to hold my breath waiting on bootable clones as we knew them in Mac OS X).


Monterey is a significant step in the macOS evolution and certainly the most secure version yet. The new features are well thought out, and useful, but not particularly exciting.


I would, of course, say YES. The step to the next macOS 13(?) will only get higher.

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Junkmail sneaks ryck 10/24/21 05:11 PM
I started getting some spam and, when the first piece arrived, I used to the Apple Mail "Rules" function to put in a 'Delete if it Contains', but then it kept showing up and I kept writing new rules. This morning I reviewed the rules written so far and found that addresses differed slightly.

Everything is common up to the @ so I wrote a new rule that looks only for addresses "Containing" 6857.ugKl1l36iRjSdt84elbv@ Hopefully that'll do it. And, hopefully this experience will help anyone else with a similar issue.
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Re: retrieving deleted emails artie505 10/23/21 08:17 PM
Have you got a SD! clone that's old enough to possibly include the emails you're looking for?
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Re: APFS joemikeb 10/23/21 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by jchusi
Ever since APFS came out, I have been checking with Alsoft to see about DW being compatible. It has been a few years now (at least 3, I think), and nothing has happened. You can read Alsoft's take here. My guess is that DW will never be upgraded.
Disk Warrior is based on a deep understanding of the intricacies of HFS+ which is conceptualized around rotating mechanical media and APFS is a conceptual clean sheet of paper re-do for the file system for use on radically different media that renders much of what DW does unnecessary it not infeasible, so you may be right. At the same time Disk Utility has evolved to do a credible job of rebuilding directories and costs 100% less than DW and is the only tool I have actually needed in years.
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Re: Monetizing your movements Ira L 10/23/21 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by ryck
Originally Posted by Ira L
Not surprising, and equally not surprising there are apps for which tracking location can be a good thing. One I use on my iPhone is called Charity Miles and for every mile I walk, run, bike, etc.—when I tell the app to do so—donates 25¢/mile to a charity of my choice.
That's a really great idea, and a perfect example of the good that can come of technological advances. It'd be very, very disappointing if they thought extra money could be made by selling locations. Does their site have any "How we handle your information" type of written assurance?

Yes, and their privacy policy states that while they own the information they collect, they will only use it to communicate with you and the charity you have selected.
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