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Jump to new posts thumb drive by jaybass @ 6 minutes 37 seconds ago

OS 10.12.6 I have my son' thumb drive which is read only and I cannot delete anything. I tried dragging to the trash and also D/U. In D/U, the window shows Name: Untitled, Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) & Scheme: GUID Partion Map I image t
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Jump to new posts Re: Partitions can get rid of? by joemikeb @ Today at 06:52 AM

Originally Posted By: kevsThanks Joe this APfs is all new as it's mandatory to format the boot to apfs, (not data partitions that can still be apple journaled) for super dupers workaround due the Catalinas mayhem created by Apple. Here is overview on
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Jump to new posts Re: More trash talk by jchuzi @ Today at 02:45 AM

I had that issue of "Recovered Files" in previous OSs, but it seems to have disappeared in Catalina. The reason? I don't have a clue.
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Originally Posted By: joemikebWhat is that vitamin that is supposed to help our memory? I believe it's B12. I haven't had time to double-check because I've been busy looking for the train Jon mentioned.
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Jump to new posts Re: What the devil??? by joemikeb @ Yesterday at 04:58 PM

By default deleted files go into the Trash folder on the same drive. So you could have been seeing files in the Trash folder of another drive that had not been emptied. 💡