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Jump to new posts Re: SSD fails SMART by jchuzi @ Today at 04:14 PM

It appears that it is only possible to encrypt the boot drive with FileVault. Does that mean that I would have to boot from the defective SSD (it is a clone, after all) and then encrypt it? I'm thinking that it would be easier to drill several holes
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Jump to new posts Re: Sending email reminders from Calendar by Ira L @ Today at 01:17 PM

I think the question is sending to a Protomail account. The responses seem to be about sending from Protomail.
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Jump to new posts Re: Freezes in 10.14.6 by joemikeb @ Today at 08:09 AM

Originally Posted By: artie505I'm going to keep working with Activity Monitor open and see what I can see; it's just occurred to me that the process at the top of the CPU column immediately after the freezes end (AM freezes too.) may be my culprit. (